Xtinction II Husaberg Title Sponsor

_____Xtinction II Press Release_

Husaberg has been a great friend and supporter of Corner Grass Racing Team since its inception in 2008, and its only fitting that in 2011,** Husaberg** is the title sponsor of the Xtinction II.

The Swedish born motorcycle is famous for its' outside the box thinking, and began the wave of modern, lightweight 4 stroke racing motorcycles. Beginning in 1988, in a rented barn in Husaberg Ude', a small place in central Sweden, three mad scientists cast their own cases, welded their own frames, and created a motorcycle that would go on to win 20 World Championships in both disciplines of motocross and endure

Xtinction was born from the same outside the box thinking, created from a dream and built with passion. Check out Husaberg at www.husaberg.com and visit www.xtinction.ca for information about Xtinction II

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