XTINCTION Extreme Enduro Entry is NOW OPEN!

1st Canadian Extreme Hard Enduro - XTINCTION

Here's your chance to survive XTINCTION!! See if you have what it takes to ride the gnarliest terrain imaginable, in a land so desolate that not even the Tyrannosaurus Rex could survive! Do you think you have what is takes to conquer the elements? Maybe the $5000.00 CAD purse will help your fortitude?

This event is PRE-ENTRY only and must be completed online prior to the July 30, 2010 deadline! Only the first 200 riders will have a chance to be a part of this historic event!

Visit www.cornergrass.com for entry forms, payment options, event regulations, and view a few video clips to catch a glimpse of what you might encounter when facing XTINCTION!

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