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_DirtWise with Shane Watts - Academy of Off-Road Riding Newsletter

G'day Everyone,

Ooohhh yeahhhh, what a summer it has been so far!

Be sure to check out further down on how you could win a free DVD by being the first to respond with the correct answer to our new monthly trivia question!

We have been wide open zig-zagging the country conducting DirtWise schools in the locations where the weather is a pleasant temperature so as neither myself or our awesome students have had to swelter in any stifling hot and/or humid conditions. I think the highest temp we've had so far is in the mid to high 80's and that was with zero humidity! Each DirtWise school has been unreal with continual sold-out attendance, epic locations, great weather, and totally excellent students who have all excelled in improving their bike skills through the two days of each school. We are always getting follow up emails from previous students who have continued with their skills exercises following the school and have noticed huge improvements in their riding during the future months and years. I'm so stoked whenever we hear that! Hopefully everyone else has been able to get the opportunity in this fast paced world to squeeze in a little skills practice when possible. Five minutes here, five minutes there will make a huge difference over a period of time!!! We also need to say "Congratulations!" to all of our previous students who have been tearing up the race tracks all over the world and bagging stellar results, especially our good mate John Bowling who was selected on the US National Enduro Fantasy Dream team a while back - well done mate, you've come a long way since we first had the pleasure of teaching you a few years ago down there in Tennessee!

As for our future schools coming up in the next three months (listed just below) we need to apologize to anyone hoping to confirm a spot today. Don't give up hope on the Sold Out schools, though, YOU CAN STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO ATTEND! Just send in an email and your registration form if you're interested in being put on the waiting list (no need to do a deposit until a spot opens up) and we will let you know when a spot comes available.

There are three spots left for the school at Wrentham, MA on August 13/14 and apart from that the only other school that has available open spots is the school at Ricky Doores magnificent property just outside of downtown Nashville, TN on October 1/2. Even that school is starting to fill up quickly as our "southern brothers" start to think about leaving the lake in about month as summer winds down and getting back on their bikes for some killer autumn riding conditions becomes a priority.

  • Aug 6/7 (Sat/Sun) Pitkin, CO - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Aug 11/12 (Thur/Fri) Sumner, ME - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Aug 13/14 (Sat/Sun) Wrentham, MA - (Only 1 spot remaining)
  • Aug 19/20 (Fri/Sat) Barryton, MI - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Aug 27/28 (Sat/Sun) Rochester, MN - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Sep 10/11 (Sat/Sun) Lebanon, OR (Rock Hill) - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Sep 17/18 (Sat/Sun) Warrensburg, MO - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Sep 24/25 (Sat/Sun) Tulalip, WA - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Oct 1/2 (Sat/Sun) Nashville, TN - (Only 9 spots remaining)
  • Oct 8/9 (Sat/Sun) Carson City, NV - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)
  • Oct 15/16 (Sat/Sun) Final Editing and Production of Adv #3 & 4 Instructional DVDs
  • Oct 22/23 (Sat/Sun) Denver, NC - (Sold Out! - Wait list open)

In our September Newsletter we will announce all of the confirmed dates and locations for the DirtWise schools during November and December 2011.

As always, get the latest information on schools as it happens by checking out our website.

Real Food, Real Energy! (and Real Tasty)
It was a "giveaway bonanza" at this recent Montana school because Kate Schade was also one of the students there and she was giving everyone free samples of her range of delicious nutritional bars (Tram Bar is the most famous) which are sold at heaps of natural foods supermarkets throughout the northwest. Kate really rips on her CRF250X and is a very keen dirtbiker so hit her up directly for the Dirtwise discount price if you want some of the good stuff to munch on. Email her at kate@katesrealfood.com and she will get you sorted on a care package.

**DirtWise DirtWater.... **
We're feeling pretty special at the Dirtwise Academy right now because we currently have our own personalized DirtWise branded bottles of water! A special Thanks to Kevin Espy from Idaho ICE Bottled Water (Ph 208-882-3300 www.idahoice.com) for bringing along a couple of boxes of these for us to give out to each student at last weekend's Montana school and at this weekend's school in Pitkin, Colorado.

DirtWise Trivia...**Win a FREE DVD!

Okay now, with all of this freebie action going on we are going to pose this question to you all - What is the title of the new release DVD that I will be filming in the high country single track of Idaho during the next three days??? The first person to respond via email with the correct answer will receive a free copy of that DVD when it is released in mid November 2011.

We just had an epic 7 days roosting the killer single track in the Idaho mountains! If you missed the pics and the tales of gnarly log crossings, wacky antics of my mate Haydn and all of the other adventures, become our "fan" on Facebook and you can catch up on all the adventures!

Keep on practicing, and keep on roosting!!!!
Shane Watts and his DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding schools and Instructional DVDs are supported by www.ktmhutt.com, DirtBaby Clothing, Dirt Tricks Sprockets and rotors, Fun Mart Cycles, Domino Grips from Offroadchampions.com, IMS fuel tanks and footpegs, Fasst Co. Flexx Handlebars, DeCal Works, and Synergy Fork Seals._

- Shane Watts

dirtwise, shane watts, giveaway bonanza, montana school, kate schade, tram bar, dirtwise dirtwater, dirt rider magazine, newsletter
dirtwise, shane watts, giveaway bonanza, montana school, kate schade, tram bar, dirtwise dirtwater, dirt rider magazine, newsletter
dirtwise, shane watts, giveaway bonanza, montana school, kate schade, tram bar, dirtwise dirtwater, dirt rider magazine, newsletter