Vote To Take Back 43 Million Acres Of Your Public Lands

If you want to take back your public lands then please take a second to VOTE YES on the Wall Street Journal online poll. - News Release**


By voting YES you are saying you think releasing 43 million acres of public lands that have been studied and found unsuitable for Wilderness, should be released back to Multiple Use where you would continue to enjoy trails access or possibly have new access.

Right now the vote is about even between those who support the bill and those who oppose it. We need to take the high ground by voting loud and clear with an avalanche of YES votes in support if this important bill to release 43 million acres back to Multiple Use and all forms of recreation and active management where appropriate to promote forest health..

Be aware the wording in the poll question is a bit slanted. The Wall Street Journal Asks you-

_Should 40 million acres of land be removed from federal protections and opened to mining, logging and other uses?

They make it sound like if these 43 million acres of lands are released back to Multiple Use, then they will suddenly be open to commercial development.

This Is Not True.

After the lands are released they would be subject to the existing Forest Service land use plans developed with full public involvement. Mining or logging might be allowed to reduce our dependency on foreign sources as well as create US jobs, but only if it is allowed under the local Forest Plan and only if it meets the strictest environmental regulations in the world.

Let's take back our public lands. If you want to keep your trails then please VOTE YES on the online poll and tell your friends too.

Here is additional Background Information about the HR1581 bill to release 43 million acres back to Multiple Use including other ways you can help make sure this important bill passes..

~Chris Horgan and your friends at Save the Trails