Touchdown, Indy!

Dirt Rider has officially landed in Indy, and the countdown to the coolest product of the Dealer Expo has officially started. Fellow DR associate editor Pete Peterson and I arrived late this afternoon, and we are gearing up for a big weekend of checking out the latest, greatest goods in the two-wheel industry. Pete, in all his wisdom, has been claiming pretty hard that he has a nose for the best items in the show, but I'm not convinced. I guess we'll see tomorrow when the show opens and the top companies in the industry unleash their goods on the moto world! Check back tomorrow for the first round of cool, new products from Indy. In the meantime, check out the following photos for a first glimpse from the front lines at Indy...

Of course, the first thing I did when I hit the deck in Indiana was to find some food! My evening rations came in the form of a tasty dinner down the street from the hotel with Maxxis USA's Specialty Tire Division Manager Mark Wilson (second from left), Endurocross Ninjas Eric Peronnard and Lance Bryson and DR's Group Publisher John Cobb. The wine was flowing, the food was filling and the restaurant was louder than the mosh pit at a Slayer concert. Welcome to Indy!

DR Associate Homeboy Pete Peterson irons his nifty shirts in anticipation of tomorrow's festivities. Although he may be wrinkle-free, Pete looks a bit nervous about his upcoming search for the coolest product at the Dealer Expo. Good luck, little man!

For some odd reason, the hotel we are staying at is littered with creepy statues. This one was the creepiest, but after a few rounds of ATV Fury on my PSP, he mellowed out. Recognize!

The three wise men were in full effect at dinner tonight. From left: Lance "Armstrong" Bryson, Eric "Wine Taster" Peronnard and John "Gen Y" Cobb. These men know how to party!

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indy expo, motorcycle expo
indy expo, indy 2009 motorcycle expo