Thor/Parts Unlimited: Inside the 2011 Lineup

Thor/Parts Unlimited Update

Every year motocross brands charge towards the finish line in hopes of being the first to develop and unveil gear that will set the industry standard for the coming months. Thor is excited to cross that line first by offering a look at a few 2011 gear kits. Riders throughout the world eagerly wait for the first look at the gear that will soon become an extension of their personalities, which is why Thor is offering a sneak peak. The 2011 Thor lineup has something for every personality with performance to match.

A ground-breaking gear set that will join the Flux lineup in 2011 is the Lazer kit. Chad Reed will be sporting the Lazer gear this weekend in Las Vegas but fans and rider alike can also see the Core ZebraTech gear in action by clicking on the photo of Chad Reed.

The Core Acrylic, Core Blue and Core ZebraTech kits will also be turning heads as they make there debuts over the next couple weeks. Thor's top riders have already had a chance to wear the gear and the response was so well received, it was only right to share the images and video clips.

Not only does the 2011 gear meet and exceed the highest standards in performance, but the style demands attention from any audience within viewing range.

Check out footage on both Racer X and Transworld by following the links to see the gear in action on some of the best riders in the world. Also, stay dialed in to and Facebook as some of this gear could be available soon

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