The Jiri Dostal Benefit Ride at Competitive Edge

For those of you who don't know him, Jiri Dostal is one of the nicest guys in motocross. A purebred racer with loads of natural talent, Dostal has also got to be one of the most humble people in the sport. Recently, Jiri had a hard practice crash that left him with a broken neck and hand. Although his spinal cord is not permanently damaged and Jiri is getting back on his feet, the medical expenses for the crash have been through the roof.

  In order to help Dostal overcome this massive hardship, a number of benefit donations and auctions have been taking place to raise money and awareness for the downed rider. Competitive Edge MX Park just hosted the Do It For Dostal Ride Day, and was kind enough to prep all of their insane tracks for one killer day of roosting and fundraising. In addition to a Live Auction sponsored by Pro Circuit and a number of other classy companies, 100% of the gate money raised was given to Jiri to help combat his incessant medical expenses.  

If you'd like to help out a racer in need but weren't able to make it to Competitive Edge, check out Jiri's Road 2 Recovery donation page at . In the meantime, check out the following images for more on the Do It For Dostal Ride Day:

A good friend of Jiri's, Racer X's David Pingree showed up to enjoy the dirt and support his buddy's cause. Ping may not get as much seat time as he used to, but make no mistake: this guy still rips!

Travis Preston (left) talks shop with the man himself, Jiri Dostal. Since the crash, Jiri has made excellent progress and is now back on his feet and walking around. He's got a lot of permanent hardware in his neck, though, and isn't even thinking about dirt bikes for the time being. Dostal was obviously super appreciative of all the support, though he admitted that the cost of the crash has been overwhelming. If there is any way you can help this guy out, do it--he's a true champ.

I took advantage of Competitive Edge's fun layout to put some time on my Long Haul test bike, the Kawasaki KX250F. This thing is still purring like a kitten, although a few parts are already starting to wear out--specifically, the chain slider and guide. I've been toying with the idea of doing some work to the suspension, and have begun playing with an aftermarket exhaust for the bike. Stay tuned to the website and the mag for more updates on this '09 shootout winner.

The track for the Do It For Dostal Day was, for lack of a better word, immaculate. Here, Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Jake Weimer hucks the big floater jump in the middle of the course. The PC squad has been using CEMX for Outdoor MX testing as of late, since the track gets good and rough in the late afternoons. Weimer looked fast as ever, and is hoping to be as solid of a contender outdoors as he has been in SX this season.

Geico Powersports/ Honda rider Trey Canard came out to support Dostal, and was throwing down some pretty serious laps aboard his CRF250R. Canard's bike sounded sooooo sweet, it was like hearing pure power blast out of a loudspeaker. I like this kid's style: he's calm, cool and super collected on the track. I think he'll go far this season.

Another Geico rider, recent amateur graduate Justin Barcia was on hand at CEMX to bust some laps and chase his teammate around. Barcia looked solid, and seems to be adapting to his thumper quite well. His speed didn't quite look like it was up to par with Canard or Weimer, but he definitely seems to be the real deal. Keep an eye on this kid!

Endurocross track builder Shane Schaeffer brought his little dog out to the track, and it was the third coolest thing I saw all day (next to Jiri walking around and Canard whipping it over the big step-up jump). I know that bringing a puppy to the MX track is a totally So Cal thing to do, but you have to admit that this little animal makes a pretty cool pit crew.

Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, David Pingree
Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, Travis Preston
Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, Long Haul Kawasaki KX250F
Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, Jake Weimer, Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, Trey Canard, Geico
Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, Justin Barcia, Geico
Jiri Dostal Ride Day Competitive Edge MX Park, Shane Schaeffer, puppy