The Coolest Product of the 2009 Indy Motorcycle Dealer Expo

Well, the final products were posted, the readers voted and the results have been tallied, and it looks like the Ogio Stepup Ramp is the coolest product of the 2009 Indianapolis Motorcycle Dealer Expo. Although the ASV Triple Clamps gave the Ogio Ramp a run for its money early on, the final stretch allowed Ogio to pull a convincing lead over the rest of the products in the final vote.

Of course, as with any American election, this one did not go down without controversy. There was plenty of trash talk from Pete Peterson about how the products he found would take the vote, and there was even a bit of foul play within the voting process as one rogue reader took it upon himself to vote for one of Pete's products twice (don't think I didn't catch that, Tom_RM250!) However, justice prevailed and overall the process was fair and fun. To Ogio, I offer a huge pat on the back for producing such a wicked cool product. And to all of the readers--whether you voted for one of my products or not--thanks for being a part of this.

In parting, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite reader quotes as to why the Ogio ramp is cooler than any other product from the Indy trade show:

"I gotta go with Ogio Step Up Ramp. come on man, the is ingenious. No more struggle getting your bike in the truck. this is by the most innovative product from the show!!" --Phil22lv

"ogio step up ramp. thats perfect how many times has your bike rolled back and taken you with it? i think i have gotten hurt as much loading a bike by myself as i have riding. great product."-- Kbaird83

"It seems like Ogio is running the 2009 Indy Motorcycle show with its two hot new products. The 180 stand is a great idea, but my vote goes to the step up ramp for sure. This is definately going to be the must-have product of 2009."--BAP_29

"I ride alone a lot, so the ramp would be the one I would personally want most. Now I just need the truck to go with it."--Daggit

"I like the loading ramp."-- CR80dude

Ogio Stepup Ramp