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The rider's have finished day one of the ISDE in Greece. Here are day one notes, results and photos.

American ISDE Day One Race Results and notes.

The United States ISDE teams all competed well today with many standouts and few disappointing results. Headlining the results is California's Kurt Caselli. Caselli was on the gas today and was fast enough in the 26+ minutes of timed tests to finish the day with the E3 class lead. He has a 21.42 second lead over France's Sebastien Guillame in the class.

Caselli's performance pushed the American Trophy Team to third overall in the World Trophy Team standings.

Not everything went well for Caselli, however. While transferring back to the paddock on the last section of course, he was struck by an automobile. Fortunately, he saw the vehicle coming and prepared the best he could.

Teammate Nathan Kanney saw it all happen and explained how Caselli rolled up the hood, into the windshield and, once the driver slammed on his brakes, was thrown into the street atop his just-previously punted KTM. Caselli remounted and finished the trip into the pits.

"It was full-on Jason Borne S*#t!" Kanney said.

It's a good thing too, because his service time (15 minutes to do any desired maintenance to his bike) was to be almost completely used up by a front tire f-up. His team handed him the wrong tire (wrong brand) and they handed it to him in the wrong direction. After it was nearly installed, Caselli was told he'd have to take it off to put the right tire on in the right direction. He made it to impound but he was sweating it for a minute or two.

Ricky Dietrich was the first American to start the day and, thus, was the first in the pits and his day ended with a good service to cap off a solid ride for the ISDE sophomore. His pit wasn't perfect and reminded me how much more stressful it is when you know the guy changing tires. Dietrich is sitting a solid 3rd place in the E1 standings as well as sharing the 3rd overall on the World Trophy standings with his U.S. teammates.

Jimmy Jarrett is the man at ISDE-style pits. His tire change was as fast and smooth as any euro on the circuit today and that's a huge compliment. His day was uneventful, sans drama and solid enough to keep his Suzuki RM250 in 18th place in the E2 class about one minute behind the lead. He can seriously change two tires in five minutes without sweating. He didn't even pull his helmet.

Suzuki Off-Road's Nathan Woods was the victim of electrical gremlins in one of the major tests of the day. His brake light switch shorted out right at the beginning of the test and had him incapacitated for what seemed like an eternity. The test course took Woods nearly 18 minutes to complete and should have only taken him around 8 or 8.5. Despite this one mishap, he rode strong and should be rid of all heebie-jeebies by now.

Destry Abbott crashed on the first motocross test; a gigantic parking lot of jumps built in the interior of the Serres race-car circuit. Slippery, slimy conditions kept him down in only that one spot. The rest of the day was solid and except for that one early slip up he still managed to keep his Kawasaki in 12th in the E2 class and is looking forward to starting towards the front of his group tomorrow.

Nate Kanney rode well today and checked in at the end of the day (after a flawless pit stop) in 8th position in the E3 class about 45 seconds behind Caselli in the lead. Kanney's biggest excitement of the day might have been watching his teammate make close contact with a car….yikes!

Maria Forsberg finished her first day of ISDE competition excellently by going fast enough today to lock in 4th place overall in the Women's class right in front of fellow countrywoman Nicole Bradford and only two minutes off the lead pace. The Women riders all completed about 30 minutes of timed tests today.

Fred Hoess is 9th after day one in the C1 classification, the Kawasaki rider is also on the top-performing American Club Team after day one: the Trail Riders of Houston team. This club is 9th in the Club Team Award standings. Luke McNeill and Rory Sullivan complete the Trail Riders of Houston team roster. Rory Sullivan is fastest on the team aboard his big bad Husaberg. His time of 29.50:76 is strong enough for 6th overall in the C3 class.

That's all for now, more news tomorrow as the American ISDE riders take to the trails and tracks again.


-Jesse Ziegler

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