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Kurt Caselli has withdrawn from ISDE competition after suffering an apparent concussion in the Enduro Test of the first lap of day 3.

Kurt Caselli went down hard a few hours ago during the final Enduro Test of lap one on day three and was unable to return to competition after completing the first lap.

Fellow American Trophy team member Ricky Dietrich, who was starting in the minute directly behind Caselli, passed Caselli during the timed test.

"I figured he crashed and was letting me by so I could still get a good time," Dietrich said while servicing his bike before lap two. "Then, when we finished the test, he pulled up next to me and asked why I was in front of him. I said, 'This is a timed test, dude.' That's when I knew he went down pretty hard."

Dietrich said that he rode with Caselli all the way in on the transfer trail and that Caselli was "definitely out of it."

The two returned to the pits safely and Caselli sat down. It was soon clear he wouldn't be returning to the ISDE.

There appear to be not other injuries and he was taken to the hospital via ambulance to be examined at around noon local time.

Caselli walked to the ambulance under his own power and was alert and aware of his surroundings the entire time he was in the paddock.

He seems to be unable to remember details of today's tests but was coherent in the fact that today was the third day of competition and they were on all-new trail. He also knew which test his crash occured.

I'll update this blog with any additional information as it becomes available.

Team USA's trophy team is now down to 5 riders.

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-Jesse Ziegler

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