Team FMF Makita Suzuki Off Road Comes Back Strong after Summer Break

Team FMF Makita Suzuki Off Road got a small vacation during the hottest months of summer, but that doesn't mean they relaxed.

These heroes trained hard in order to come back for the second 1/2 of the season ready to dominate. Team riders Josh Strang and Charlie Mullins spent a considerable amount of time on the west coast training in the heat with legendary coach/trainer/mentor Rodney Smith. The boys also took in WORCS and AMA Western Hare Scrambles races, which they both lead for a while before dropping back in order to not interfere with the championship points in those series. Then Josh headed home to Australia where he took two top ten finishes in the Australian Outdoor Motocross Nationals. Meanwhile, JP Davis, the junior member of the team took a WORCS Pro 2 victory and closed in on the title in that series. And Rodney Smith continues to dominate the WORCS Vet Pro and 40+A Championships in the WORCS Series.

With the second 1/2 of the season coming up the team is stronger and healthier then ever. Josh Strang sits second in the GNCC points with 201 points and four victories so far this season. Right behind him is Charlie Mullins with 197 and one victory. Tune in on the VERSUS network to see which of these two Suzuki warriors will win the GNCC Championship. JP Davis sits third in the WORCS Pro 2 title hunt with 158 points and two victories with two more races to go in this series. And, Rodney Smith is a lock for the WORCS Vet Pro Championship as well as the 40+A Championship as he remains unbeaten in both classes.

Team FMF Makita Suzuki Off Road Highlights
Joshua Strang - 2nd in GNCC point's standings with 201/4 wins with 4 races left in the series.
Charlie Mullins - 3rd in GNCC points standing with 197/1 win with 4 races to go.
JP Davis - 3rd in WORCS Pro 2 standings with 158/2 wins with 2 races left in the series.
Rodney Smith - undefeated in WORCS Vet Pro (120/4 wins) and WORCS 40+A (168/8 wins). Leading both Championships with 2 events left in the series.