TCX Boots Kicks Open The Door To Goof On Foreman

I recently got invited to TCX Boots' international distributors meeting in Montebelluna, Italy, where the big news is the new Pro 2.1 boot, due out before the end of 2010. Like the current Pro 2 it replaces, it's a top-end boot with an inner bootie and an articulated (similar to a hinge) ankle. TCX isn't scared to go "toe to toe" with the other big brands, so if you can't decide between the bootie-d Tech 8 or the ankle-hinged Crossfire, compare them with TCX boot. It might be your boot, and save you a little money, too. It was really great to be included in TCX's meeting, and since no good deed goes unpunished, I thought I'd use the rest of this blog to goof on TCX's main man in the USA, Jamie "Captain America" Foreman.

Jamie is like a minor character in a good comedy movie who gets his own movie - and it's terrible. You know the type of character - funny for a few minutes but after a couple of hours you're ready for the credits to roll. Well, Jamie was "on" during our tour of the TCX design offices and parent company Novation's "fusion factory" where they create innovative multi-component manufacturing processes for little companies like Ray Ban, Ferrari, Nike… Yep, Nike. And yes, these are the guys who created and produce the Nike motocross boot that Dungey and Stewart wear.

At the design studio's prototype and custom production line, Jamie jumped behind an industrial sewing machine not to build a boot, but to do his best job of hamming it up like Conan O'Brien. There's a similarity there, isn't there? Except Conan is entertaining.

We found a pair of rapid-prototyped glasses frames (frames "printed" in 3D in plastic layers) in the Novation building and Jamie did his sexiest to sell the design. Needless to say this frame shape was scrapped before we'd left the building. Jamie's got a face only an optometrist could love. An optometrist who is also his mother, that is.

Jamie is one Hyperbike shy of a full Tron game, isn't he? While the techs were showing me an electron microscope this is what Jamie was up to. Jamie is what you'd call an "attention hog," if only "hog" were more insulting. I checked Jamie's drivers license after this shot just to make sure he's really an adult. Legally, he is.

Jamie posed for this shot to show off the carbon fiber Ferrari seat and Yamaha racing fairing that Novation produces. You almost, kinda, barey gotta respect the guy for playing the goofball to get his company products more press. He's "committed," for sure.

I gotta say I did learn some interesting steps on how a new boot model is created, and the things Novation is doing are pretty amazing. I'll share more with you later, including some really cool photos that thankfully don't have Captain America anywhere in them.

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