Star Racing Motocross Round 2 Race Report

_ DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha - Freestone MX Press Release


** Wortham, TX. (May 28, 2011)** The AMA MX National Series made its move towards the eastern direction this past weekend by landing in the state of Texas and racing at Freestone County Raceway. The second stop on the circuit, track conditions and exceptionally hot weather at this race would prove to show what each rider had within themselves. DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha's top contending riders, #25 Ryan Sipes, #35 Kyle Cunningham, #387 Gareth Swanepoel, #533 Gannon Audette, and #1 Jessica Patterson, as well as, #76 Kyle Partridge who is racing the 450, all knew that they were provided with the tools for a successful outing, and now it was time to get to work.

Moto one went into session, and for the first time in outdoor competition, Cunningham started strongly in 5th, and was followed by Swanepoel in 6th, Sipes held 9th. However the other Star Racing pilot Audette, circulated in 22nd with tons of work in his near future. But with the heat index reaching high temperatures, the boys put their heads down and mounted some serious attacks. Up front #35 was proving his skills; Cunningham had battled his way to 3rd and maintained consistent lap times as other competitors faltered. Coming quickly to join the top five riders was Sipes now in 6th, which put in an incredible ride and looked really solid. Upfront Swanepoel rode with consistency, and at a pace to ensure he'd get to the finish, while Audette forged forward into the top fifteen. Unfortunately, Sipes had his breakthrough moment come to a halt when he started suffering with some severe back spasms six laps into the race, which in return caused him to pull off and call it a day altogether. From then on, both Cunningham and Swanepoel battled vigorously to keep their placing till the last lap. In the end, Cunningham took a nice 3rd place finish, Swanepoel nabbed 4th, and the rookie Audette did good by taking 12th.

The gate dropped for moto two with Cunningham getting another great start holding down 4th. Audette was off to a much better beginning sitting 10th, while Swanepoel pursued in 18th. In the early laps, Cunningham jumped to 2nd and was on the move, Audette was falling back and now held 16th position, meanwhile Swanepoel was riding his way towards the front. Moving past the mid way point, the DNA backed riders were staying consistent, Cunningham and Swanepoel who had been holding 3rd and 6th dug deep for several laps to make a dent into the time difference they had in front of them. Fortunately for Audette, the energy reserve was there after the hard charging done earlier, and with that Gannon moved back into 12th, twenty five minutes into the race. Unfortunately, Swanepoel never was able to enjoy his efforts, because in the closing laps his machine encountered some issues and he was taken out due to the mechanical. At the checkers Cunningham pulled out a 4th, and Audette finished up 12th, and to clarify Sipes did not start the moto due to needing more recovery time.

Moto 1 Moto 2 = Overall Finish

Kyle Cunningham 3rd 4th = 3rd
Gannon Audette 12th 12th = 10th
Gareth Swanepoel 4th 28th = 11th
Ryan Sipes DNF DNS

Once again, Patterson looked to be decimating the field of WMA competitors by winning both moto's. However, in moto one a fierce battle turned bad as she crashed and finished out 13th. In moto two, in great fashion Patterson led every lap going on for the win, and went on to obtain 4th overall.

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