SHOCK SOX Congratulates March Nationals Sponsored Racers

_Can-Am News Release

Dallas, TX. (March 23, 2012) - BERM/SHOCK SOX congratulates it's sponsored racers for their finishes at the 2012 March Nationals. The 2012 March Nationals ended in a HUGE-WAY for SHOCK SOX, as several championships were earned over the past few weeks, along with other strong performances by SHOCK SOX sponsored riders. Kyle Swanson, Taylor Higgins and Brandon Matula led the charge for championships earned.

"2012 has been great so far for SHOCK SOX, and this March was no exception. We are very proud to have so many fast racers represent our product for 2012. Confidence in their equipment means everything to racers, especially when many of the racers raced multiple events over the last few weeks, and in elements that can range from dust to mud on any given day. Our team riders put in hard work and preparation into their racing programs, and we are proud they rely on SHOCK SOX to help protect their fork seals and to keep their forks and bikes running at optimum performance. We couldn't be happier for their achievements," stated Jef Odom/Rider Support of Shock Sox, "The Ten Second Removable Fork Seal Protector".

James Stewart AMA Spring Championship presented by Oakley - Freestone County Raceway
Brandon Matula**
1st - 65cc 7-12 Open
2nd - 65cc 10-12 Mod
3rd - 65cc 10-12 Stock

Cody Eaton
2nd - 85cc 9-13 Open
5th - 85cc 12-14 Stock
10th - 85cc 12-14 Mod

Kyle Swanson
6th - 250 A
7th - 250 A/Pro Sport
7th - 450 A
7th - 450 A/Pro Sport

Dalton Harris
13th - 250 Amateur Open
18th - Collegeboy 16-24
18th - 250 B Mod
36th Annual One Industries GNC International Motocross Final presented by FMF - Oak Hill Raceway**

Taylor Higgins
1st - Women 99-250F non pro
2nd - 99-250F Schgirl 12-16 Mod

Brandon Matula
3rd - 65 10-11 Stk
6th - 65 10-11 Mod
6th - 65 7-11 Open

**Cody Eaton
**3rd - 85 12-13 Stk
9th - 85 12-13 Mod

Kyle Swanson
6th - 250 A Mod
8th - 250 Pro
13th - 450 A Mod
19th - 450 Pro

Branden Walther
7th - 65 7-9 Mod
7th - 65 7-9 Stk
12th - 65 7-11 Open

**Ashton Bloxom ** **
**21st - 65 10-11 Mod
16th - 65 10-11 Stock
27th - 85 7-11 Mod
DNS - 85 7-11 Stock

Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross Championship - Daytona

Kyle Swanson
1st - 450 A/Pro Sport
5th - 250 A/Pro Sport

**Ashton Bloxom **
9th - 65 10-11
9th - 85 7-11

2012 AMA Spring Classic Championship - Mill Creek

Kyle Swanson
8th - 450 A/Pro Sport
8th - 450 A
20th - 250 A/Pro Sport
24th - 250 A

SHOCK SOX, "The 10-Second Removable Fork Seal Protector", is a product of BERM MOTORSPORTS. Founded in 2002, and made in the USA, SHOCK SOX is the only wrap-around multi-Velcro-strap fork seal protector for the motocross and off-road market. SHOCK SOX's mission is to continue offering a product that keeps riders on both the track and trails by eliminating blown fork seals and unnecessary services department visits. SHOCK SOX is distributed by Blue Sky Cycle Supply and Tucker Rocky. Picking up a pair of SHOCK SOX is as easy as visiting your local authorized Tucker Rocky dealership. For more information on SHOCK SOX, visit or contact 972-279-0301.