Rynoland Motocross Grand Prix II

_____Saturday, May 1st at Rynoland MX Park in Anza, CA_

An all new GP course will be set up for this event, so be prepared for a fun and exciting day of racing.

ALL NEW! We have also added a Dual Sport class and a Team Race for this GP.

GP Features include:

  • FLEX RACE SCHEDULE- Sign-up one hour before your race time.
  • FMF 2-STROKE CHALLENGE- Classes for all 2-stroke bikes, with 3 FMF PIPES to be given away!
  • HEROES & LEGENDS: Come ride alongside Ryan Hughes, Mike Bell, Ron Lechien, Ricky Dietrich and more!
  • 100% PRO PAYBACK- For open pro class.
  • CLUB DISCOUNTS- Discounts for M/C clubs (20 riders +)
  • CUSTOM AWARD MEDALS- For all classes
  • PRIZES- We have great prizes from FMF, Fox, Dunlop, Maxima, Aerial7 and Ryno Organics.
  • CAMPING- Friday & Saturday night ($10 per night) *We encourage everyone to camp out and have a good time!

    It's a great place to camp!

  • FOOD VENDORS- There will be plenty of food on site.

  • SIGN-UP- Same day sign-up and race: Saturday May 1st.
  • SAVE $5 - EARLY BIRD SIGN-UP! - At the track Friday until 6:00pm $35 Adults - $20 Minis (per class)

For race entry and schedule go to: www.rynoland.com or call 619-549-2997 or 1.866.739.8885

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We hope to see you there!

Scott Burnworth
Ryan Hughes
Rynoland GP

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