Russell and Buttrick Top the Podium

Millfield, OH - Shock Doctor/KTM XC-2 riders Kailub Russell and Cory Buttrick put together impressive rides to finish The John Penton Classic and eighth round of the GNCC Series in 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Russell grabbed the holeshot at the start of the race but Buttrick was right behind him and passed for the lead as they rounded the first few turns. The two teammates continued to switch the lead position throughout the entire race. "Each lap we were waiting to see who it would be. Both riders had an extraordinary race today," commented Shock Doctor/KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

Buttrick was leading as the riders headed into their last lap and when the checkered flag flew Russell came out on top with Buttrick right behind in 2nd. KTM support rider Jake Korn finished an impressive 5th overall.

In the XC-2 class Kurt Caselli got a great start rounding the first turn in 2nd place. His teammate, Nate Kanney, had trouble getting his KTM fired right away and was back a bit further in 9th position. By the end of the first lap Kanney had already passed up to 5th place. Caselli got a banner caught in his wheel and had to pull over to get in untangled. When he reentered the track he was outside of the top ten. Kanney soon passed another rider to move into 4th. Unfortunately, right before the halfway point, Kanney hit a tree head on and waited before remounting to make sure he was okay. He continued to try to race for a while longer but eventually pulled off for further evaluation. Caselli charged forward and finished 6th.

Next Event: Snowshoe, WV June 27-28, 2009

Overall Results XC-1 Class:
1) Paul Whibley
2) Jim Jarrett
3) Josh Strang
4) Charles Mullins
5) Barry Hawk
6) Kurt Caselli - KTM
7) Kenneth Gilbert
8) Nathan Skaggs
9) Ryan Gainey
10) Nate Kanney - KTM
Overall Results XC-2 Class:
1) Kailub Russell - KTM
2) Cory Buttrick - KTM**
3) Jason Thomas
4) Scott Watkins
5) Jake Korn - KTM
6) Ryan Echols
7) David Synder
8) Eric Bailey - KTM
9) Robert Santheson
10) Brian Lawson
Overall Points XC-1 Class:**
1) Paul Whibley - 189
2) Joshua Strang - 186
3) Charles Mullins - 179
4) Jim Jarrett - 144
5) Barry Hawk - 119
**6) Nate Kanney - 118
7) Kurt Caselli - 110 **


Overall Points XC-2 Class:
1) Kailub Russell - 196
2) Cory Buttrick - 179**
3) Jason Thomas - 161
4) Scott Watkins - 157
5) Jake Korn - 121

Kailub Russell
Kurt Caselli
Nate Kanney
XC2 Podium