Ride three tracks unlimited for less than $2 a day with F.A.S.T.

_Federation Athletes Sponsors Tracks - News Release

Temecula, CA 3/1/2012 - F.A.S.T. (Federation of Athletes Sponsors and Tracks) has revolutionized the cost of riding for the Mecca of the motorcycle industry. Southern California motorcycle enthusiasts can now purchase a "F.A.S.T. Pass" for $55 per month which will give them unlimited access to three of the best tracks available in Southern California. Milestone in Riverside, Perris Raceway in The city of Perris and Pala Raceway in San Diego County will all honor the "F.A.S.T. Pass". For each month you hold a "F.A.S.T. Pass" you will also have a free buddy pass added to your account where you can bring out a friend who holds a membership allowing them to ride free.

Tired of having to hold multiple memberships to ride at your favorite tracks? F.A.S.T. has the solution to that as well. One annual membership at $45 per year will get you access to Milestone, Perris & Pala Raceway with the day you renew or buy your membership as a free ride day! Compliment your membership with a "F.A.S.T. Pass" and ride year round for cheaper than ever before.

Visit www.MotocrossFAST.com where you can get your annual memberships, "F.A.S.T. Pass", 5 and 3 pack rides and receive special monthly discounts from the best companies in the industry just for reading our member newsletter.

About F.A.S.T. - Making motocross riding more affordable through a continued effort of building an alliance of top tracks in multiple geographic markets. Connecting sponsors to the largest share of enthusiasts in their market(s) and creating exclusive member benefits. For more details please visit www.MotocrossFAST.com.