Race Tech's Paul Thede Conducts Suspension Seminar In November

_Race Tech's Technical Edge Suspension Seminars - Race Tech News Release

Race Tech's suspension secrets will be available to the attendees of our Technical Edge Seminar here at Race Tech from November 6-12, 2010, don't miss out! In addition to the suspension classes, a brand new class has been added to the schedule; Kinelogix "Rider Training with Data" Class. This class is designed to teach riders and techs how to interpret data acquisition information and use it to train riders to reach their highest levels.

Paul started hosting Suspension Seminars in 1994 to provide clear, easy-to-understand information suitable to both professional technicians as well as the enthusiast seeking the 'why behind the what' of motorcycle suspension. Each class is constantly updated and enhanced so our curriculum has the latest information. Why settle for a DVD full of vague info when you can receive interactive training in person?

Race Tech suggest students register and make your travel plans soon to visit us here at the Race Tech headquarters in Corona, California for these one of a kind Seminars. Package pricing is available for the three class, attendees will receive great discounts on Race Tech products as well!

**Suspension Subjects covered: **

+ Suspension Theory + Shock and Fork Gold Valve Theory
+ Suspension Tuning + Shock and Fork Gold Valve Installation
+ Springs and Spring Theory + Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator Theory
+ Spring Testing + Emulator Installation
+ Suspension Fluids + Testing and Trouble Shooting
+ Hydraulics + Disassembly and Assembly
+ Damping and Damping Curves + Shock Dyno Overview
+ Valving Systems and Theory + Leverage Ratio Curves
+ ShockClock Data Acquisition + Rear Wheel Force Curves

Suspension Theory Class: In the Theory Class we not only cover suspension theory but also tuning, testing, valving and troubleshooting. Understand how suspension really works, the 'Why behind the What!'
November 6th & 7th , 2010 - Tuition: $599

Shop Skills Class: In our Shop Skills Seminar you will learn first hand proper servicing shocks and forks including the latest techniques of suspension disassembly, assembly, setup and valving... The Tips & Tricks that really make a difference!
November 8th & 9th , 2010 - Tuition: $549

Advanced Suspension Class: Picking up where we left off in the Theory class with even more practical applications and advanced suspension theory. Leverage Ratio Curves, ShockClock Data Acquisition, Valving theories and much more! Attend all three classes & qualify for our discount package. Take your knowledge and skills to the next level!
November 11th & 12th , 2010 - Tuition: $549

Kinelogix "Rider Training with Data" Class: Kinelogix creates performance measurement accessible to technicians and enthusiasts alike. Primarily for road race but crosses over to all types of riding (including motocross) and auto racing. This inexpensive technology becomes simplified and will allow you to get the most out of your rider and machine.
Wednesday, November 10th , 2010 - Tuition: $200, Current Students and Graduates are eligible for the discounted rate of $150.

Kinelogix Class covers:
• Lap and Sector Times
• Top speed, Corner Speed, Acceleration and Braking
• Throttle Roll-on, Braking and Smoothness
• Rider affect on Vehicle Handling Characteristics

Students may contact Race Tech Customer Service (951) 279-6655 or email: sales@racetech.com to sign up for the Fall classes.