Race Tech Develops New G3-LD Gold Valve Kit For Shocks

_New piston design for 46/50mm dirt bike shocks

Race Tech's newly designed Shock Gold Valve Kit's for the 46mm KYB and 50mm KYB, Showa and PDS/ WP shocks provide better control for the rider. One of over 60 Gold Valve designs, this piston design creates more shim leverage and decreases the angular shim deflection. The benefit is more consistent damping!

Race Tech's G3-LD Shock Kits are made of the highest quality materials and provide a personal custom valve setup from Race Tech's computer engineered Digital Valving System. The G3-LD Shock Kits come with Gold Valves, piston bands, shims and include fine-tuning charts and instructions. The kits are easy to install and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
SMGV 4603 - 46mm KYB
SMGV 5003 - 50mm KYB/ Showa
SMGV 5042 - 50mm WP/ PDS**

The G3-LD Shock Kits are available from Race Tech and retail for $169.99. All Race Tech products, tools and services are available by calling Customer Service (951) 279-6655 or please email: sales@ racetech.com.