Quick Peek at Answer Racing’s 2011 Rockstar Gear!

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Corona, CA- With the end of the Supercross season this weekend, we wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at our 2011 Answer Racing Rockstar gear. Kyle Cunningham will be showcasing our newest addition to the Rockstar line. The 2011 Vented Rockstar gear, along with the rest of Answer Racing's 2011 line is slated to be hitting dealers this July. So keep your eyes on Kyle this weekend and throughout the summer in the National series, as he will be sporting the rest of our 2011 line.

As always, check us out on our social sites: Facebook.com/Answerracing, twitter.com/Answerracing and youtube.com/AnswerRacing1. Also, stay tuned to our sites, as we will be leaking some photos of the 2011 gear here soon.

_About Answer Racing
Answer Racing was started in 1976 with a vision to provide hardcore MX enthusiasts with products they can trust. Many years have past since then, but Answer Racing has not lost site of the original goal. Whether you are a die hard racer, or a weekend warrior, Answer Racing has you covered. At Answer Racing, we believe that protection and looking like a pro are one in the same.

Answer Racing is distributed through Tucker Rocky with a continued focus on producing quality products to satisfy its thousands of loyal dealers and customers.