Prince William and Prince Harry Africa Off-Road Dirt Bike Rally

Check out this story on Prince Wiliam and Prince Harry riding an African off-road enduro rally for charity.

I just read a story on the BBC News website about Prince William and Prince Harry riding a rally in Africa.

Here are my favorite quotes from the story:

_"__Speaking before they set off, the 26-year-old prince said they had not done any specific training for what is billed as one of the most gruelling off-road bike routes._

"We both ride bikes at the moment on the road, but on-road biking is nothing compared to this.

"All the off-roads stuff is up hills, down slopes across rivers, and it's all rocky and hilly, it's going to be fun," he said.

His younger brother added: "It's not just a bimble across the countryside that's for sure, it's going to be very challenging and expecting to fall off many a time, every day."

Oh, and this is great, too:
"The pain of spending a week with my brother is well worth it "

Here's a link to the story and entertaining video: Princes Join Chairty Bike Rally