Pit Pass Radio Show for October 19, 2010 - Roland Sands, Rod Podliska, And More

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Roland Sands, Owner - Roland Sands Designs
Sands is well known in the motorcycle for his motorcycle design work and his ability to make ideas into reality. The goal at RSD is to inspire others to create through original and collaborative ideas while maintaining a high performance blend of the past, present and future.
RSD stays grounded in function and realism while actively pushing their designs and ideas on a daily basis. A racer at heart Sands spent ten years setting multiple track records in the U.S. and Europe and won the 1998 AMA 250GP Championship
Rick Podliska, Washington Representative - American Motorcyclist Association**
Rick Podliska is the Washington Representative for the AMA. He is responsible for protecting motorcyclists' rights on Capitol Hill. During his more than 12 years on Capitol Hill, he worked for various U.S. Representatives as well as the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. The AMA has a new campaign called "Vote Like a Motorcyclist" where they help motorcyclists understand the political candidates that support motorcycling so we can vote for them.

Scott Oakes, Marketing Guy - Notoil
Oakes is the marketing guy behind the product Notoil. Legend goes that Bob Jensen the founder of Notoilset out to develop a biodegradable, non-toxic foam air filter oil after he was told he could no longer store his gas cleaning solution near his home. After months of trial and error, Bob finally found the right formulation and created the world's first and only BIODEGRADABLE, NON-TOXIC foam filter oil and cleaner. His patented formula was a revolution in the air filtration industry by being the first air filter oil to be cleaned with a soap and water solution where the waste can be easily and safely washed down the drain.

Keith McCarty, Racing Division Manager - Yamaha
Keith McCarty has worked in Yamaha's racing department for over thirty years. In the early years he was a mechanic and has worked with some of the best including Bob Hannah. In the 1980's he took over the entire racing department. He has a reputation of telling it like it is and has been very successful over the years in not only motocross but road racing as well. His AMA superbike rider, Josh Hayes, won the 2010 AMA Superbike Championship.

Tyler O'Hara, AMA Super Stock Top Gun National Champion
O'Hara finished the AMA Pro Road Racing Series strong with two top ten finishes, and secured his first AMA Super Stock Top Gun National Title. O' Hara was up for the challenge upon arriving at Barber Motorsports Park, and rode strong to his first National Title. In addition to an outstanding road race season Tyler also competed in several AMA flat track events. Throughout his racing career O'Hara has shown that he has the talent and dedication it takes to be a champion in many different disciplines of motorcycle racing.

Crew at Pit Pass Radio
Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Ed Kuhlenkamp, Jack DeLeon.

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