Patricia, Alberta: Xtinction is Approaching!!!

_XTINCTION II - $10000 Purse & Goldentrye Exclusive Tire Supplier - News Release

With just over 5 weeks till that ultimate time, and commitments from riders from Europe, the United States, and all over Canada, Xtinction is very pleased to announce the largest purse in Canadian off road. $10,000 will be given away to the top ten riders of the event!! Not only will the first place finisher defy Xtinction, but he will be the richest man in Canadian off road, with a cool $5,000 in his pocket!

Xtinction promises to deliver to both competitor and spectator, with an incredibly challenging course and outstanding spectator vantage points that allow enthusiasts to view large portions of the course. The surrounding scenery in the Red Deer River Valley with the adjacent World Heritage Site, Dinosaur Provincial Park is both breathtaking and spectacular. With dinosaur specimens of many species on display in the Park, Xtinction a destination for not just the competitor, but as well for spectators and family alike.

Finally, Xtinction is pleased to announce their official tire supplier, GoldenTyre Canada! Synonymous with Xtreme Enduro in Europe, the Italian tyre builder brings its product to the forefront of our sport by supporting Graham Jarvis, winner of this years editions of Hell's Gate and The Tough One. GoldenTyre Canada's own Mike Nicols, will be on site at Xtinction, with special event pricing on tires and bib mousses. Please contact Mike at this number to preorder your tires: 1 250 469 1606 Please view a special page at for tire/bib availability and pricing.