One More Round for RTP

_ARRA News Release

Things are looking brighter for the Recreational Trails Program and that is good news, but we can't sit back and congratulate ourselves just yet. Senator Klobuchar (MN) is introducing an amendment to the MAP-21 transportation bill. We need to urge our Senators to support this amendment or even to contact Sen. Klobuchar's office to sign onto the amendment.

MAP-21 is the transportation reauthorization bill that is in the Senate and passed out of committee. As it is currently, RTP funding is not dedicated, which will pretty much kill the program. The Klobuchar amendment will once again re-dedicate the RTP funding.

It is important that we all send this information throughout our networks and urge everyone to contact their Senators as soon as possible. A vote on MAP-21 on the Senate floor could happen as soon as this week.

Go to the ARRA website to send an e-mail to your Senator.

Let's hope that this will be the last round needed!