Off-road racing's Cameron Steele named as announcer for GEICO EnduroCross

_____Joins Laurette Nicoll as Co-Announcer_

IRVINE, Calif., (June 11, 2010) - A familiar name to the sport of off-road motorcycle competition will be at the helm of the announcing duties for the 2010 GEICO Powersports AMA EnduroCross Series, presented by E3 Spark Plugs as longtime MX/SX/FMX television announcer Cameron Steele has been tabbed as this year's master-of-ceremonies for the six round EnduroCross tour that kicks off July 17th at Vegas' Orleans Arena.

Steele, 39, himself and accomplished off-road motorcycle racer and, as of late, Baja Trophy Truck competitor arrives to GEICO EnduroCross with a solid pedigree in off-road sports. From a young age Cameron's father, Mark, had him in-tow during the 1970s to all the major (and not-so-major) desert racing events. Mark Steele then strapped Cameron into his first Baja Bug ride in 1984 and the second-generation off-roader hasn't let off the gas since.

Joining Laurette Nicoll (now in her fourth year as EnduroCross announcer) on the floor, Steele is no doubt known more by the action sports generation for his vocal cords (supercross, MX Nationals, Summer and Winter X Games and the TV voice of GEICO EX last year on Versus) than his documented desert racing skills as he's pretty much been the voice of freestyle motocross since the sport's inception - an energy he'll no doubt apply to the live events of GEICO EnduroCross.
GEICO EnduroCross:** Cameron, how did this EX announcer deal come about?
Steele:** Honestly, Eric (Perronard, inventor of EnduroCross) was hanging out at my house and just asked me if I wanted to do it and I was like 'Alright.' I wanted to be part of it. I was the TV announcer this past year, which is kind of interesting because usually you start as a live announcer and then get a chance at being a TV announcer - which is how I got my very first TV job. So I did it backwards.

GEICO EnduroCross: When did you break into motorcycle announcing on TV?

Steele: TV-wise, then first real thing I did was in 1998. I was going to be a competitor at ESPN's first freestyle motocross event. At the time they didn't have an announcer and I guess my name came up a couple times with the promoter. Before practice started he came up and asked me if I wanted to be the announcer. I asked him what that paid and he said 'Better than 10th place.' With 47 riders entered, and it was the first ever event with metal ramps, I was like 'Alright, I'm in.' Costa Mesa Fairgrounds, the Freeride Moto-X World Championships.

GEICO EnduroCross: So you pretty much lucked out last year with your debut, the great race between Taddy (Blazusiak) and Ricky Dietrich.
Steele:** Yeah, that was unreal. But to be honest with you I wanted to come and compete in EnduroCross at the very beginning. But a lot of the races clashed with the Baja races, particularly the 1,000 in November.
GEICO EnduroCross:** How does your experience in the desert help with you announcing EnduroCross?

Steele: My desert racing experience, both on bikes and in Trophy Trucks, gives me good insight into the obstacles. I've spent a lot of time in Baja on my dirt bike and in the truck, so I have some clarity in areas where others may not and I hope to be able to convey that to the fans this year at the live EnduroCross events. In Baja we really have to be able to pick our way through things, logs, rocks, washes, riverbeds - correlate all that information and being 'The Guy' that has to whip up the crowd. It's a different venture, yeah, but I like that energy associated with blowing the house up. That can be a bigger rush than just knowing your efforts are going to show up on TV.
GEICO EnduroCross:** As the TV color man on Versus last year for EnduroCross you're no doubt highly tuned-in on what's happening with the sport. What aspects of your TV experience will be best applied to the live events?

Steele: The unknown quality of EnduroCross is what really drives the sport. I mean, how many dirt bike sports are there where, prior to the event, the winner is really unknown? Supercross and motocross you've got two-to-three guys that really have a shot at winning a heat. But with EnduroCross there's so many obstacles and so many lead changes every lap it just builds the excitement even more.

GEICO EnduroCross: Did the officials a Source Interlink Media talk you into taking the fans on a mic'd lap of the tracks?
Steele:** Not unless they want a comedy routine. (laughter)

GEICO EnduroCross: Ha, ha. Right on. We look forward to seeing you in just over a month here in Vegas, Cameron.

Steele: Thanks. I'm really looking forward to the Vegas opener for GEICO EnduroCross. It's going to be an unreal season.

All six rounds of the 2010 GEICO EnduroCross series, presented by E3 Sparkplugs will air on the Lucas Motorsports Hour on the Versus Network. To confirm the latest schedule, log onto

EnduroCross tracks incorporate various elements of off road racing into a supercross-style setting, including rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, a water-hole... and even a few special obstacles like giant tires thrown in! Known as the "toughest racing on two wheels," this indoor version of extreme off road racing will certainly keep you on your feet. The GEICO Powersports AMA EnduroCross series will be captured by the Versus Network, to be aired on the popular grassroots racing program; The Lucas Motorsports Hour. With its excitement and unpredictability, the EnduroCross championship has always down to the wire and this year will be no different as the series starts and finishes at Vegas' Orleans Arena! Don't miss your chance to see GEICO Powersports AMA Endurocross "Live" - and be sure to log-on to for local airing dates/times for the Lucas Motorsports Hour.

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