NHHA/ Sugarloafers National Hare and Hound Round 7 Contingencies!

Big Contingencies For NHHA/Sugarloafers MC Round 7 - NHHA News Release

As the NHHA Train rolls North for it's final stop in Utah for 2010, even bigger contingencies are in store as the Sugarloafers MC prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their Cherry Creek National Hare and Hound. Join Kendall Norman and the rest of the NHHA stars as they compete on the 100-mile, 3-loop event!

In addition to the overwhelmingly generous NHHA contingency program, one of the largest on the west coast, the Sugarloafers MC has secured a contingency effort of their own! APF Construction and DementeD Designs have stepped up to celebrate the 50th running of this world famous event in style! Over $1300 in event certificates will be presented, including a $500 pro purse which will be exclusively rewarded to First Overall in the event.

Not leaving the amateur riders behind, a $500 event certificate will be provided to the highest placing PAST RACE WINNER who is NOT CURRENTLY CLASSIFIED AS A PRO! That means that approx 40 racers have the opportunity to take home a return (event certificate) for just returning to the event that they have already done well at in the past. - For details contact Rob Davies of the Sugarloafers MC.

Adding to the excitement of past race winners, Terry Bland- the originator and winner of the first ever Cherry Creek Hare and Hound- will be on hand to serve as the Hare. Even more impressive, his 1960 BSA 500cc race winner will be on display in the sign up area for all to see.

Another welcomed addition to the Cherry Creek contingency program, a $100 event certificate will be awarded to first overall National Woman Finisher! With Joanna Kazcmarek, Sarah Kritsch, and even Sarah Whitmore on top of the list for the NHHA woman's class with wins this season, the contingency could go to anyone as the Sugarloafers MC celebrate their history making event.

Finally, rewarding those who have been competing in this sport for years, the Sugarloafers MC and APF Construction/Dementa Designs will present an event certificate valued at $200 to the oldest race finisher. That's right, all you have to do is finish, not even win! If you have needed a reason to come back to the desert, this is the weekend to do it.

Local USRA racer? That's not a problem! Join Shawn Strong and the rest of the USRA crowd as they prepare to do battle with the fastest off road racers on the planet. Admission for spectators is FREE, and there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then out in the desert with the biggest family on the planet!

he banner Drops at 10:30 sharp on Saturday May 15th, but get there early to attend the Autograph Signing in the Pits on Friday at 4:00PM.

Important Notes:

All National Classes are required to complete all three loops. That is approx 114 miles. Gas options will be in the main pit at mileage 30 and 36, and an alternate pit somewhere on loop 3. Bring enough gas and gas tanks to make the distance!

Alternate Gas truck for loop 3 leaves at 10 AM SHARP!

All 60+, Woman C, 50+ C riders, and sportsman must do 2-loops to finish.

AMA Membership required and available at signups.

Pro Autograph signing in the pits at 4:00PM on Friday afternoon. Meet Destry Abbott, Kendal Norman, David Pearson, and the rest of the NHHA Pros.

For more information check out www.NationalHareandHound.com

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