Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM & Jagermeister/MDK/KTM Race Report - Freestone Motocross

Wortham, TX - Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM rider Tommy Searle and Jagermeister/MDK/KTM rider Justin Brayton both walked away with a top ten overall result at the third round of the series at Freestone Motocross Park.

The 450 Motocross class ran first this week. Brayton had a poor start in the first moto coming around the first turn in 19th. His teammate, Josh Summey, was right beside him and got tangled off the start eventually finishing the first lap in 37th. Brayton quickly began moving forward passing Antonio Balbi and Justin Sipes by the third lap. When Tommy Hahn crashed a lap later Brayton moved up one more position and then proceeded to pass Jeff Alessi and Tyler Bowers to move into 14th. He continued to charge forward finishing 11th at the moto end. Summey worked his way up from near last to finish 24th when the checkers flew.

The second moto started better for both Jagermeister/MDK/KTM riders. Summey started 10th with Brayton close behind in 13th. By lap six Brayton had climbed up to 11th. He passed Chris Blose for 10th and remained in that position for the duration of the race. Summey hung on to finish 20th.

In the 250 Motocross Class Searle had a good start rounding the first turn in 4th. On lap three, the current leader, Trey Canard, crashed allowing Searle to move into 3rd. Searle maintained that position until lap six when Ryan Dungey was able to get around him. Searle made a couple of mistakes near the end of the moto which dropped him back to 6th. His teammate, Wil Hahn, started 9th and moved up as high as 8th position. He dropped back to 12th in the beginning of the moto and remained in that position until the last lap when Jake Weimer crashed and he moved into 11th. J-Law Racing/KTM's Max Anstie had a poor start in the first moto crossing the first lap mark in 22nd. He picked up his pace and moved forward quickly eventually finishing 15th.

Anstie turned his luck around in moto two when he almost got the holeshot but was pushed outside. His start was still strong enough to put him in 5th around the first corner. Searle was close behind in 6th and Hahn started mid-pack. Anstie and Searle stayed strong and remained inside the top ten. Searle passed Anstie for 5th on the third lap and passed Matt Lemoine for 4th on lap five. Searle was passed by Christophe Pourcel on lap nine and then settled into 5th position where he finished. Anstie had a great ride to take 10th place and Hahn was able to move up to 13th.

KTM rider Sarah Whitmore had her best race so far this season when she started the first Women's Pro ride in 4th place. She held 4th position while battling closely with Vicki Golden and Sherri Cruse throughout the entire moto. When 3rd place runner Sara Price had a mechanical failure Whitmore, Curse and Golden began the battle for the final podium position. Whitmore was barely edged out by Cruse for the 3rd spot and finished 4th in moto one.

In the second moto Whitmore again started well. Unfortunately she crashed during the moto and wasn't able to finish inside the top five where she had hoped to be. She fought hard and was able to finish 6th the second moto for 5th overall on the day.

Next Race: High Point - June 13, 2009

Overall Results 450 Class:
1) Mike Alessi (1-1)
2) Andrew Short (2-3)
3) Chad Reed (5-2)
4) Ivan Tedesco (4-9)
5) Ricky Dietrich (7-6)
6) Dan Reardon (12-4)
7) Michael Byrne (8-7)
8) Cody Cooper (6-13)
9) Weston Peick (9-11)
10) Justin Brayton (11-10)
11) Josh Grant (3-25)
12) Thomas Hahn (35-5)
13) Chris Blose (16-12)
14) Nick Wey (14-14)
15) Jake Moss (32-8)
16) Bobby Bonds (15-16)
17) Jimmy Albertson (10-35)
18) Antonio Balbi (13-23)
19) Josh Demuth (18-17)
20) Jeff Alessi (29-15)
25) Josh Summey (24-20)
Overall Points 450 Class:**
1) Mike Alessi - 142
2) Chad Reed - 111
3) Josh Grant - 94
4) Andrew Short - 93
5) Ivan Tedesco - 70
6) Dan Reardon - 68
7) Thomas Hahn - 68
8) Cody Cooper - 60
9) Justin Brayton - 57
10) Ryan Villopoto - 55

Overall Results 250 Class:
1) Ryan Dungey (2-1)
2) Christophe Pourcel (1-4)
3) Trey Canard (3-2)
4) Blake Wharton (7-3)
5) Brett Metcalfe (4-7)
6) Tommy Searle (6-5)
7) Tyla Rattray (5-6)
8) Brock Tickle (9-8)
9) Darryn Durham (8-12)
10) Kyle Cunningham (13-9)
11) Wil Hahn (11-13)
12) Max Anstie (15-10)

13) Matt Lemoine (10-15)
14) Jake Weimer (18-11)
15) Sean Borkenhagen (14-18)
16) Alex Martin (17-16)
17) PJ Larson (12-37)
18) Kyle Regal (37-14)
19) Ben Evans (19-17)
20) Steven Clarke (16-20)

Overall Points 250 Class:
1) Ryan Dungey - 133
2) Christophe Pourcel - 127
3) Trey Canard - 117
4) Tyla Rattray - 101
5) Brett Metcalfe - 95
6) Blake Wharton - 86
7) Tommy Searle - 79
8) Brock Tickle - 72
9) Jake Weimer - 66
10) Justin Barcia - 54
Overall Results Women's Pro:**
1) Ashley Fiolek (1-1)
2) Sherri Cruse (3-2)
3) Vicki Golden (5-3)
4) Jessica Patterson (2-7)
5) Sarah Whitmore (4-6)
6) Elizabeth Bash (6-5)
7) Penni Cyrus (8-9)
8) Sara Price (15-4)
9) April Zastrow (10-10)
10) Kimberly Kocher (7-13)

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