Monster Energy MX Crossover

Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown Features Top Action Sports Athletes & Media Racing MX
Pro snow, skate, ski, BMX, wake and MTB athletes meet up with MX industry mag staff in this unique race hosted by Hangtown's Dirt Diggers

CORONA, Calif., (May 27, 2009) - The 9th annual Monster Energy MX Crossover, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down, goes off this weekend at Prairie City SVRA (Calif.), aka "Hangtown," to help kick off round two of the 2009 Lucas Oil MX Nationals.

What: Top pro action sports athletes competing in motocross on the Hangtown pro National track, joined by numerous members of the MX industry media.
When: Friday, May 29. Practice begins at 7 a.m. with the first of two motos starting at 8:30 a.m.
Who: Action sports stars such as Monster Energy's Shaun Palmer and Nate Holland, Olympic ski racer Daron Rahlves, skateboard legend Wade Speyer, top BMXers Jimmy Garcia and Eric Walter, snowboard greats Matt Goodwill, Chris Roach and Jim Moran and new school freeskiers Gunnar Newquist and K.C. Deane.
Last year's winners: Palmer (athlete), David Pingree (media)
'09 Monster/Hangtown MX Crossover Sponsors: Nordica Ski *** Dunlop Tire, Alien Workshop, Spy Optic, Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab, Skullcandy and Imperial Motion,

Hosting the Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down again this year are the Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club. The producers and promoters of the Hangtown pro MX Nationals, the Dirt Diggers look forward to the return of the Monster/Hangtown MX Crossover athletes each year.

"Giving these athletes the same access to the Hangtown track that the greatest motocross racers in the world will race the following day has been quite an experience for them," explained Ed Santin of the Dirt Diggers North M.C. "We'll have a wide range of experience levels on the track at the same time and, after Sunday's pro race, they'll all come away from Hangtown with an even greater appreciation for the sport of motocross - something similar to what Ryan Villopoto (who snowboards) might feel if he were able to run the Boardercross course at Winter X."

The ninth annual Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown athlete list:

1.) Dwayne Taylor (#44) BMX
2.) Nate Holland (#234) Snowboarder
3.) Trace Schroeder (#941) Tele Skier
4.) Aaron Cooke (#90) BMX
5.) Gunnar Newquist (#280) Skier
6.) Matt Goodwill (#176) Snowboarder
7.) Shawn Sterken (#609) Snowboarder
9.) Jay Grube (#442) Kayaker
10.) Sam Shallow (#11) Skier
11.) K.C. Deane (#657) Skier
12.) Ryan McDonald (#441) Snowboarder
13.) Delene Dippel (#102) Snowmobiler
14.) Kevin Barda (#852) Skier
15.) Jim Moran (#182) Snowboarder
16.) Daron Rahlves (#133) Skier
17.) Igor Reoutt (#781) Wakeboarder
18.) Chris Roach (#255) Snowboarder
19.) Monty Roach (#428) Snowboarder
20.) Keith Hutchins (#688) Snowmobiler
21.) Tyler Emond (#508) Snowboarder
22.) Aaron "AV" Vincent (#528) Snowboarder
23.) Trevor Riccoli (#977) Skier
23.) Tony Sabatella (#152) Snowboarder
25.) Jimmy Garcia (#30) BMX
26.) Bryan Noe (#47) Snowboarder
27.) Ian Price (#82) Snowboarder
28.) Shaun Palmer (#555) Everything
29.) Wade Speyer (#680) Skateboarder
30.) Casey Kelly (#909) Entertainer
31.) Deidra Dipple (#105) Snowmobiler
32.) Scott Novotny (#124) Skier
33.) Tyler Emond (#11) Snowboarder
32.) Eric Walter (#651) BMX
33.) Roff Carter (#134) Skier
34.) Cameron Zink (#26) Skier
35.) Mark Silva (#27) MTB

This year's Monster/Hangtown Crossover competition will benefit and draw attention to the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF). A 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation, ARF was founded in 2007 by Aaron Cooke to provide professional athletes in BMX, FMX and skateboarding with financial support to assist the recovery process following a severe injury by granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships. The Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab event banners will be signed by all the Monster/Hangtown MX Crossover athletes at the Monster Energy VIP rig during Friday afternoon's autograph session, part of "FanFest," and auctioned on Ebay - with 100-percent of the proceeds going directly to the ARF. Monster Crossover athletes will be signing special edition 2009 Hangtown MX posters for race fans - free of charge!

Monster Energy supports the sport. Be it MTB, SX, rally, insane distance jumping, MX, MotoGP, road racing, supermoto, off-road, FMX, skate, rock crawling, wake, mini bikes, surf, snow, BMX - name it - the athletes are rockin' Monster Energy more than anything these days. Check out all the types - Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault, Monster Khaos, Monster's fruit juice hybrid dubbed "M-80," the party-friendly MIXXD, the ground-breaking Java Monster premium coffee & cream drink line supercharged with our Monster Energy blend, along with the new Monster Energy "Hitman" energy shot. All the guys racing the 2008 Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down are diggin' 'em - so will you. On the 'Net at and

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