KTM Race Report - Budds Creek MX

Jagermeister/KTM rider Mike Alessi earned 5th overall at the Budds Creek Motocross National. - KTM News Release

Mechanicsville, MD - Jagermeister/KTM rider Mike Alessi finished 5th overall at the fourth round of the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship Series.

Alessi had a decent start in the first moto coming around the first turn in 4th position. He quickly moved up to 2nd place and was able to maintain a quick pace behind leader Andrew Short. After a strong ride he was able to finish the moto in 2nd place, holding off a hard-charging Ryan Dungey who finished 3rd.

In the second 450 moto, Alessi had another good jump but went a little wide and came out of the first turn in about 5th position. Near the end of the first lap Alessi made contact with another rider while going for a pass which heavily damaged the front brake causing complete loss of his front brake system. Unfortunately, having no front brake caused Alessi to take wide lines to handle the track which caused his lap times to fall. He eventually salvaged a 12th place position. His 2-12 moto scores earned him 5th overall.

In the 250 class, FMF/KTM rider Tommy Searle had a mid-pack start in moto one and had to try and work his way up. He struggled to make up some time due to a nagging shoulder injury and eventually finished 12th.

At the start of the second 250 moto, Searle got a good jump out of the gate but was hit from behind which sent him sailing across the track into the repeater banner and dropped him to the tail end of the pack. As he picked up his pace and began to make some passes he came to the triple step-up and took a middle line between two riders. The rider on the outside squared up the next turn cutting into Searle's line sending his handlebar into Searle's already injured shoulder. The pain was too much to finish the race and Searle didn't finish the moto. He will return to his home in Murrieta, CA for another MRI. It is undetermined if he will race the next round.
Next Event:** Thunder Valley - June 26, 2010
450 Class - Overall Results -**

1. Ryan Dungey (3-1) 2. Andrew Short (1-5) 3. Chad Reed (4-2) 4. Josh Grant (5-4) 5. Mike Alessi (2-12) 6. Brett Metcalfe (6-6) 7. Ryan Sipes (7-7) 8. Ben Townley (14-3) 9. Kyle Chisholm (8-8) 10. Justin Brayton (10-10)

250 Class - Overall Results -**

1. Dean Wilson (4-1) 2. Justin Barcia (3-2) 3. Tyla Rattray (2-3) 4. Christophe Pourcel (1-6) 5. William Hahn (5-4) 6. Broc Tickle (6-5) 7. Trey Canard (7-8) 8. Martin Davalos (9-10) 9. Blake Wharton (11-9) 10. Eli Tomac (10-13)

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