Knight wins British Enduro Championship round two

_KTM Enduro News Release

KTM Enduro Factory Team rider David Knight has continued his winning ways in the 2012 ACU British Enduro Championship, this time collecting overall victory on both days of the second round of the series - the Helmsley Enduro held in North Yorkshire.

Following a winning start to the series Knight again proved himself to be the rider to beat, topping each of the event's seven special tests. Placing ahead of Danny McCanney and Tom Sagar on day one, Knight then secured his fourth day win out of four starts on day two to place ahead of Sagar and McCanney. With four days of the series now completed, and with eight remaining Knight holds a strong lead in the championship standings.

Despite hopes of a dry event the second round of the BEC series proved to be both wet and cold, making for a second consecutive tough event. With wind, rain, and at times snow falling, day one was the hardest, but one in which Knight managed to win convincingly. Claiming the fastest outright time on each of the four timed special tests, he placed close to one-minute ahead of his nearest challenger, Danny McCanney.

Day two saw more of the same from Knight as he ended the day undefeated. Producing his best special test performance on the third and final test, he wrapped up yet another successful weekend in style.

David Knight: 'Despite the wet conditions I enjoyed the event. The test, and the course, was pretty rough and rutted but the test rode ok. There was a hard, stony base to most of the test so although it was hard work it was ok. I just rode smooth, with my feet up most of the way. Generally everything went well during the two days. I had a small problem with my rear brake near the end of the first day but apart from that all went well. I was pleased with the way I rode. My test times were consistent and I managed to win by a good amount on each lap. It would have been nice if the weather was better on day one but getting two more wins is the important thing. After two rounds of the championship I've had four day wins, so I'm pleased about that.

Day 1 - Championship class overall
1. David Knight (KTM Enduro Factory Team) 26.06; 2. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 26.59; 3. Tom Sagar (Honda) 27.09; 4. Jordan Rose (TM) 27.15; 5. Jonny Walker (KTM) 27.15; 6. Alex Rockwell (Husaberg) 27.32; 7. Paul Edmondson (Honda) 27.38; 8. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 27.58; 9. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna) 28.09; 10. Lee Edmondson (KTM) 28.12…

Day 2 - Championship class overall
1. David Knight (KTM Enduro Factory Team) 19.31.6; 2. Tom Sagar (Honda) 20.09.3; 3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 20.22.9; 4. Jordan Rose (TM) 20.49.1; 5. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna) 20.55.5; 6. Paul Edmondson (Honda) 21.04.6; 7. Lee Edmondson (KTM) 21.10.4; 8. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 21.11.5; 9. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 21.12.6; 10. Ashley Wood (KTM) 21.26.7…