Kings of Extreme Enduro Announced Today

_KoEE Kicks Off With The Tough One - News Release


Jan. 12, 2012 - Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm / Kochel am See, Bavaria, Germany

Carsten "SupaM" Steffen and Furchenadel Racingteam Mastermind Seppo Suttner today announced the Kings of Extreme Enduro (KoEE) - kicking off with the Tough One on January 15, 2012 in the UK.

Kings of Extreme Enduro will simply add up the results of the "Magic 7" - the most relevant international Extreme Enduro races - in a ranking based on the KoEE ranking method. The Kings of Extreme Enduro will be crowned after the last race in December 2012.

Will there be money to win? Fans, riders and brands can put money into the prize pool and 100% of the money in the prize pool will be split - according to the KoEE prize money rules - among the top ten riders in the ranking after the last race in December 2012.

We're in it for the sport of Extreme Enduro, serving the community of Extreme Enduro riders and fans. Extreme Enduro is - in our humble opinion - the coolest and most exciting motor sport on the face of this planet. The sport of Extreme Enduro, the riders and the increasing number of highly enthusiastic fans simply deserve a riders ranking spread across the coolest and most relevant races to crown the Kings of Extreme Enduro. For the first tim e ever, this will happen in December 2012.

Carsten SupaM Steffen, Kings' Chief Enthusiast, said: "First of all, the Kings of Extreme Enduro idea is here to serve the sport, the riders and - last but not least - the fans. We've seen a couple of attempts in the past years to form an official World Extreme Enduro Championship and - so far - they've all gone up in smoke. Which is a huge pain in the brain for primarily the top riders of the growing scene since they took those attempts serious in the beginning, arranged their sponsor and training activities accordingly - to finally realize that they had made promises to their sponsors which they couldn't keep because the Extreme Enduro World Championship or World Extreme Enduro Championship never happened.

_It's time to give those great riders and characters of Extreme Enduro some gratitude and serious attention. We all know that the sport of Extreme Enduro is growing massively and encounters increased coverage on all media channels including TV. So many great Trial riders swap their Trial bikes with Enduro bikes to enjoy the speed and the incredible variety of Extreme Enduro. Guys from classic Enduro sneak by every now and then to feel like real men (and women) and even humble MX riders like Stefan Everts who are getting bored by the monotony of the never ending laps and air time give it a try at legenday races like the Erzbergrodeo.

However, a global ranking and crowning a King of Extreme Enduro is still missing. Extreme Enduro - is about us, the passion, the riders and the fans. Without us, there is no business. We're sick and tired of waiting for a World Championship to happen - so we've decided to take action and to simplify this whole thing in the Kings of Extreme Enduro - because, hey, after all a ranking is not rocket science, right? So we're looking forward to the initial season of the Kings of Extreme Enduro in 2012. And will there be price money? Yes, absolutely!"_

The KoEE does not require registration and is not an official race series or championship. It is made by fans and riders for fans and riders.

KoEE Magic 7

The KoEE points will be scored in the "Magic 7" Extreme Enduro races:
Tough One (UK), Jan. 15
Hell's Gate (ITA), Feb. 18
Erzbergrodeo (AUT), Jun. 7-10
Red Bull Romaniacs (ROM), Jun. 12-17
Red Bull Sea to Sky (TUR), ?
Extreme Lagares (POR), ?
Roof of Africa (LSO), ?

The top 15 riders of those races will score KoEE points and the Kings of Extreme Enduro 2012 will be crowned after the last race of the year 2012, the Roof of Africa.

KoEE Price Pool

Since we all know that a) our sport is expensive and only few of even the top riders are paid factory professionals and that
b) it would be a bit of a mission to carry fridges, micro waves and boxes of power bars to the price ceremony in Lesotho
we believe that the real deal in the price concept is real money.

Rather than trying to acquire one or more KoEE industry sponsors, we believe it's a good idea to let the fans show their appreciation and take over control. So the international fans are invited to support the KoEE riders by donating the price money.

100% of the donations are put into the price pool. But not only fans can contribute, riders and brands are also invited to grow the price pool.

Is the KoEE organization taking money? No. All we do is creating and maintaining an internet platform to make this happen, defining the rules and regulations and filling in the results from the races into the ranking. Again, that's not rocket science. If the people out there like the fact that they can do this they are certainly free to donate some funds to the KoEE team so we can buy a beer or two.

For details please go to or use the contact details below.

Carsten M. Steffen, KoEE Chief Enthusiast
Mobile: +49 172 1425315