Jacob Argubright's HBMC Race Report

Huntington Beach Motorcycle Club Race Report

The Huntington Beach Motorcycle Club had their Hare Scrambles event this last weekend, and I was able to pick up two more wins toward the District 37 Desert Championship. There was one hour race each day and I was able to gap the rest of the racers by about 5 minutes in each.

Saturday morning the race started at 12 PM, and I basically spent about an hour before hand getting the bike prepped and my gear ready for the ride. On the Hare Scrambles races, at least here at District 37, they are short hour long races on a 10 mile course. Saturday it was actually only about 8.5 and I was able to get all four loops in about 49 minutes.

I got the Holeshot and never saw another rider the whole rest of the race, except for when I was lapping people. After one loop my dad was on a hill near the finish line and told me that I already had a big lead. I just sort of put it in cruise mode and tried to get a little bit of a work out knowing that the National this coming weekend would be much more difficult. I was able to hold on for all four loops, and literally just sort of had fun waiting for the checkered flag.

One of the most exciting parts of the weekend, for me here at HBMC, was watching the kid's event Saturday afternoon. I really haven't watched one in a long time, but it was right there in camp, and we really had nothing to do so it worked out perfectly. It was fun to watch Lacy and Brook go at it in the 50cc race. They are twin Girls, and probably the fastest riders out in the desert on 50's! It really came down to the end, and it was fun for me to be there supporting them, like they always are for me!

We watched Supercross and went to bed early on Saturday, and then woke up ready to race again on the B loop for Sunday. With the time change things seemed a bit earlier then they were, but my race still wasn't till 12, so it didn't make a big difference.

I got the Holeshot again on the B loop, and actually finished my first 9 mile loop in less than 15 minutes! I didn't feel like I was going that fast, but it was pretty open, and sort of whooped out from all of the racing, so I was able to keep a good pace. They said that at the end of one loop I had over a 2 minute lead. So again I was able to cruise to another easy victory and set my sights on the National which comes next week in Idaho.

There really wasn't much more to the weekend other than that. The club did a great job, and there were lots of district people there to support me. It felt good to be out front of the dust again, and I'm hoping that I can carry my momentum up to Idaho.

At this point we are on the road heading into Vegas. The plan from here is to pick up Levi and Jerry Jones, and then head as far north as we can make it for the night. Ahead on the 93 they say that there is good rain and snow, so I'm sure that this will be an interesting drive!

Thanks again to all of my sponsors, Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Off Road Support, Answer Racing, UFO Plastics, Jett Boots, Scotts, Dunlop, Rekluse, Dirt Digits, Omega, BRP, TBT Racing, Kal-Gard, Pro Moto Billet, Fastway Performance, IMS, FMF, and Brian Elliot at Allianceoffroad.com

Things are rolling along good with the District 37 Desert Championship chase. I have 7 wins in 8 attemps, and I am pretty confident that as long as I stay healthy, I can finish with a perfect 20-win season. With Endurocross being a big part of my summer plans, more details to follow, I want to get as much of the D37 stuff out of the way before I switch gears over to the 250.

This weekend's Idaho event is also pretty exciting. They have good television coverage of us with the Pro Autograph signing, and the rumor is that there is a $1500 pro purse! Hopefully I can take my share of that home with me!

I will probably be sending another one of these in the next few days, hopefully I can brag about being on the podium up in Idaho!

See you in the Desert!

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