Husqvarna’s Matti Seistola on the pace at IEWC Opener

CH Racing Husqvarna Factory Enduro Team 2010
2011 FIM Indoor Enduro World Championship Rnd 1
Genoa, Italy, 27.11.2010

**Seistola on the pace at IEWC opener

CH Racing Husqvarna team rider Matti Seistola made a promising start to his 2011 Indoor Enduro World Championship campaign, showing that despite his relevant lack of indoor enduro racing experience he has the speed to mix it with the championship's regular competitors. Wanting to simply qualify for the events finals and to use the IEWC series to improve his extreme riding skills ahead of next year's Enduro World Championship, Matti placed as the highest finishing Husqvarna rider after Enduro 1 World Champion Antoine Meo twisted his knee during his qualifying heat and took no further part in the event.

With his qualifying race going almost perfectly Matti moved through into the night's finals without problems. Third for much of the race and not taking any risks, a small fall during the closing stages saw him finish fourth but importantly move into the finals. With a number of big named indoor specialists failing to make the final's Matti's qualification was a well-deserved achievement.

Backing his strong qualifying performance up with an impressive fourth place result in the opening final Matti showed that he's both a fast learner and certainly not afraid to get stuck in and compete against riders with considerably more indoor experience than he has. Running third for much of the race, just as he had done in his heat, Matti made one small mistake, which dropped him fourth. Having simply hoped to qualify for the finals Matti was understandably thrilled to have claimed such a good result.

The second final ended with Matti suffering with arm pump having made a few too many mistakes and having pushed a little too hard. Despite finding the race tough Matti made it to the end and placed 12th. With his bike getting ridden over following a small fall in the rocks during the early stages of the third final, which broke his fuel cap, Matti's hopes of a strong end to the night failed to materialise. Still managing to complete the race Matti again placed 12th and sits 10th in the IEWC standings.

Also competing in Genoa, in order to gain indoor enduro racing experience, was Giacomo Redondi aboard his WR125. Despite failing to make the finals the youngster enjoyed the occasion and learned much about the IEWC series.

Matti Seistola - Enduro 1:** 'My goal was simply to get into the finals, which I did. I was really pleased about that because I'm not an indoor enduro specialist. My qualifying race actually went really well. I was third for most of the race but a small fall in the rocks resulted in my finishing fourth, which was good enough. I got a good start in the first final and ran third for most of it. I managed to get into a good rhythm and felt good. Riding the indoor events is all about learning and improving, so to be as competitive as I was is great. I made one small mistake and dropped to fourth but I was really happy with my performance. The second final was a strange one. I was riding well during the opening laps but then I started making some small mistakes and that caused my arms to pump up. The last few laps were difficult but I got to the finish ok. I was a little unlucky in the third final because I fell and another rider rode over my bike ripping my gas cap off. Overall I'm really pleased. I've really enjoyed the racing and my plan now is to race the full championship. I know where I need to make improvements and with more experience I hope to be able to finish near the front regularly.'

**Results - 2011 FIM Indoor Enduro Championship, Rnd 1

Final 1**

1. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 8.02:783; 2. Mika Ahola (Honda) 8.06:450; 3. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 8.24:694; 4. Matti Seistola (CH Racing Husqvarna) 8.28:852; 5. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 8.29:584; 6. Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) 8.33:813; 7. Fabio Mossini (Honda) 8.37:672; 8. Jeremy Joly (Honda) 8.38:881; 9. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 8.43:001; 10. Dani Gibert (Sherco) 8.44:812

Final 2

1. Mika Ahola (Honda) 8.10:974; 2. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 8.18:836; 3. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 8.22:263; 4. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 8.22:786; 5. Jeremy Joly (Honda) 8.25:082; 6. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 8.25:865; 7. Dani Gibert (Sherco) 8.29:543; 8. Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) 8.33:371; 9. Cody Webb (Beta) 8.52:715; 10. Fabrizio Dini (Beta) 8.55:874... 12. Matti Seistola (CH Racing Husqvarna) 9.08:968

Final 3

1. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 8.06:527; 2. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 8.11:316; 3. Mika Ahola (Honda) 8.17:486; 4. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 8.20:406; 5. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 8.22:009; 6. Aldredo Gomez (Husaberg) 8.27:872; 7. Cody Webb (Beta) 8.35:107; 8. Fabio Mossini (Honda) 8.35:433; 9. Dani Gibert (Sherco) 8.44:359; 10. Fabien Planet (Sherco) 8.51:016... 12. Matti Seistola (CHJ Racing Husqvarna) 8.56:745

Championship standings - 2011 Indoor Enduro World Championship, standings after Rnd 1

1. Mika Ahola (Honda) 51 points; 2. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 45; 3. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 43; 4. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 42; 5. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 29; 6. Alfred Gomaz (Husaberg) 25; 7. Dani Gibert (Sherco) 19; 8. Fabio Mossini (Honda) 19; 9. Jeremy Joly (Honda) 18; 10. Matti Seistola (CH Racing Husqvarna) 17; 11. Cody Webb (Beta) 17; 12. Fabrizio Dini (Beta) 11; 13. Xavi Galindo (Husaberg) 8; 14. Fabien Planet (Sherco)