Husqvarna Kings Of The World!

E1 & E2 World Enduro Wins And A Good Day A The 2-Stroke World Championships

April 5, 2011 - Corona, CA - Team Husqvarna had a great weekend globally, winning the first round of the 2011 World Enduro Championships, as well as returning as the defending MTA World 2-Stroke Champions in the U.S. at Glen Helen Raceway, home to the USGP. "Husqvarna dominated the first World Enduro GP in Spain, with four class wins and taking seven podiums in two days," proclaims Martino Bianchi, Coordinator PR & Racing Activities. "What a great start to the WEC season."

Husky riders really did dominate the first Enduro GP in Ponts, Spain this weekend where Team Husqvarna CH Racing had a field day. Seven-time WEC champ Juha Salminen proved why he and his TE250 remain a title favorite in the premier E1 class when he won both days. Salminen said it felt good to win again after an 18-month drought. "It quiets the skeptics! But this season will be difficult as my compatriots are very fast!" Fellow Finn and Husky teammate Matti Seistola was the only one to really challenge Juha in some of the special tests on his way to second place both days.

The 2010 E1 champ Antoine Meo moved to E2 and made easy work of the season opener, handily winning the class both days on his new TE310 despite injuring his thumb in the off-season. "The race wasn't as easy as the results would suggests," said Meo from the top of the podium. "I missed some training time since my winter injury to my thumb, but this was clearly an excellent start to the season." Simone Albergoni, also mounted on a TE310, was the top Italian rider, finishing 4th overall. Sebastien Guillaume was Team Husqvarna's top 2-stroke racer at the WEC opening weekend, scoring a podium finish on his WR300 on day one and finishing 4th on the final day.

Speaking of 2-strokes, closer to home, Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna returned to Glen Helen this weekend to defend their MTA World 2-Stroke Championships title. Bobby Garrison parked his 4-stroke and bought back last-year's title winning WR300 bike made into a motocrosser while Jamie Lanza raced the MXA WR300 project. Garrison's familiarity with his trusty 2-stroke was good enough to go 2-2 for second overall behind Austin Howell. "If I hadn't crashed early in the first moto, I might have been able to beat Austin," said Garrison. "Still 2nd in the 2-Stroke World Championships isn't too bad, is it?"

Garrison's Team Husky teammate for the day, Jamie Lanza, also had a couple of crashes take him out of title contention. "I was running with the lead pack early in the first moto, but I stalled and lost about five seconds to the leaders," he noted. "I couldn't make up the ground I lost and finished in 5th. I had a bad start in the second moto but was working my way up when a cross-rutted on an uphill jump, swapped and crashed. I started pushing too hard and slid out again after that. From there I put my head down and charged to the finish." Lanza finished 6th in the second moto and 6th for the day, but says he will be back. "I really enjoyed riding the Husky 2-stroke and was impressed with the power of the bike!"

"What a great weekend for Husqvarna world wide," added Husqvarna North America Marketing Manager Corey Eastman. "First we introduced our world class 'Ride More... For Less' retail financing offer on Friday and then we dominate the World Enduro Championships opening weekend! Sounds like it was meant to be!" Eastman adds that the new 2.99% APR is good for all 2011 2-strokes and 4-strokes. "Better still, your Husky dealer has the ability to finance up to 130% of the bike's purchase price so that you can add some accessories... but best of all, you have up to 60 months to pay it back!"

**Next World Enduro Championship Round: POLISPORT Grand Prix of Portugal

Juha Salminen, Husqvarna, world championship, mta, Glen Helen Raceway, USGP, enduro
Juha Salminen, Matii Seistola, Husqvarna, world championship, mta, Glen Helen Raceway, USGP, enduro