"Historic" battle between electric and gasoline powered bikes at Vegas MMSX

Electric motorcycle industry titans Zero and Quantya set to face off against legendary mini racer Scott "The Burner" Burnworth_

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (April 14, 2010) - It's all come down to this at 2010 GEICO Powersports MiniMotoSX, presented by Monster Energy, at Vegas' Orleans Arena: The first-ever American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) professional dirt bike competition that pits the up-to-now compulsory gasoline burning four-stroke engine technology versus what many believe to be the future of the sport - the new electric powered motocross bikes.

Dubbed the ECX (Energy Crisiscross), electric MX bike industry leaders in California-based Zero Motorcycles and Swiss-made Quantya USA - with American operations based in New York - will square off against one of the legends of Motocross and longtime Mini Bike racer: California's Scott "The Burner" Burnworth, mounted on a BBR-tuned 16-inch Honda CRF150F. He is the defending MMSX 16-inch class champion and will be joined by a full field of fellow gasoline powered competitors that will face off against the electric bikes.

"GEICO MiniMotoSX has been the only major American motorcycle competition forum to feature electric bikes at our event - something we've highlighted for the last three years," explained Mike Karsting, VP of Events for Source Interlink Media. "We've seen marked progress in the performance of both Zero and Quantya's bikes and feel it's time to put them up against the traditional gasoline powered mini bikes that dominate our field at GEICO MiniMotoSX.

"The ECX is truly a watershed moment in the sport of motorcycle racing and we expect the world's motorcycle industry to be tuned-in to the May 7th GEICO MiniMotoSX at the Orleans."

Keep in mind the electric bikes have their work cut out for them. Defending GEICO MMSX 16-inch class champion Burnworth is the undisputed veteran King of American mini bike racing lore, having won four CMMC Minicycle Championship titles and one NMA Minicycle Championship title dating back to the mid to late 1970s. A former AMA 125cc Rookie of the Year ('80) and runner up in the '83 250cc MX Nationals' overall title chase, Burnworth's motorcycle racing heritage continues - in a sense going back to where it all began with his recent success racing adult mini bikes. And you'd better believe he doesn't want an *asterisk next to his name as the guy who lost the first-ever AMA championship to an electric bike.

"I've seen the electric bikes run, but really haven't had a chance to get out and really shake one down on a track," said Burnworth. "They've made light speed technology advancements in the past several years and, depending who's on them, should make for an interesting gate in the 16-inch class on May 7th."

Neither Zero nor Quantya is showing their hand yet in terms of rider selection, though both electric MX bike companies are pumped with the opportunity to compete for the first time ever for an AMA No. 1 plate.

"I've spoke with the principles at both Zero and Quantya and all are in favor of the ECX and looking forward to seeing how their industry-leading electric powered technology stands up to the traditional gas powered mini bikes that put motocross racing on the map here in the States back in the 1960s," said Lance Bryson, Director of Sales & Marketing for GEICO MiniMotoSX. "The May 7th GEICO MiniMotoSX at the Orleans will be a historic moment in the timeline of American dirt bike racing."

You can buy a ticket to witness MX history! A consistent sellout since its inception in 2004, GEICO MMSX fans and those in town for the finals of Monster Energy Supercross are urged to get their ticket in advance as seats for this historic event are filling up rapidly. For more information, including a view of the track map, link to www.minimotosx.com

The annual GEICO MiniMotoSX, presented by Monster Energy, is the largest indoor motorsports competition of its kind. With more than 600 registered riders in 2009 the event literally allows for mini bike enthusiasts to become part of the show. As one racer put it: "At GEICO MiniMotoSX you don't just show up and watch racing in Vegas - you boot up and get on the track yourself to race in front of a packed house at the Orleans." Featuring numerous classes at all age and ability levels, GEICO MiniMotoSX delivers an unforgettable day of racing action for both fans and racers alike, along with an affordable 'Vegas experience' given the hotel and ticket package at the Orleans Hotel and Arena. Registration for the event is open right now on www.minimotosx.com

Tickets On-Sale NOW at the Orleans Arena, 888-234-2334; or online at www.OrleansArena.com

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