GoPro ESPN X Games

_GoPro News Release

Hi Dirt Riders!

Tune in tonight and all weekend long to see GoPro in full force at X Games. Our production crew will be working with ESPN. Course previews and other unique perspectives will be shot with GoPro (our logo will be next to the GoPro shots). We will also be busting out some cool new production tools.

Here is a little bit of what we are up to at X Games. Be sure to check out our website on Monday for some banger bonus edits!

_GoPro's HD HERO camera and production team will be onsite working with the broadcast production of the 2011 Summer X Games. ESPN and GoPro plan to leverage the HD HERO camera's small size and mount-anywhere design to bring innovative on-athlete perspectives to fans at home. ESPN and GoPro plan to introduce "The GoPro Course Preview" for select X Games events, giving fans watching at home a preview of the event from the perspective that the athletes see during competition.

Additionally, select X Games athletes will be wearing GoPro's HD HERO camera to capture first hand footage during the events. GoPro and ESPN will produce daily GoPro video highlight reels of the X Games action and will air them on ESPN's nightly X Center broadcast as well as on X Games online channels at