European Supercross Series 2009

It's Supercross time The SX Series 2009 will start from Marseille With the double round next 16th and 17th October.

There is no much time for the beginning of SX Series 2009, which will start from Marseille next 16th and 17th October. It will be a double appointment which will permit all the fan, media and riders to be immediately in the core of the European Supercross. Southern France is the region where some of the best European Supercross specialists come from: that is the place where supercross is almost like a religion. Regarding to entries, it has been a record of riders, who entered the SX series, as a demonstration of the importance that this speciality and this championship had acquired on the European scene. There will be the 2008 European Champion Fabien Izoird (Suzuki), who will defend his title racing at his best, will to show that his victory was not made by lucky circumstances, but it was the results of his speed and consistency among whoops and triple jumps. The French school, as usually, will be predominant, with many riders participating the SX series, leaded by Paulin Gautier (Kawasaki Bud Racing), ready to win "at home". There will be both expert specialists like Leuret (Honda Martin), Vanni (Honda MB Team), DeMartis (Honda), Soubeyras (Honda NGS), Martin (Husqvarna Factory) and emerging talents like Vongsana (Suxuki Valenti MX Racing), who won the Milan-EICMA Round in 2008, then Mannevy (Suzuki Toshiba Racing), Rouis (Yamaha MD Racing) and Jeanne (Kawasaki Gag Bike). In order to contrast the French dominion, there will be the two Italian riders: Bonini (Yamaha 3C Racing), who won last year in Marseille, and Pellegrini (Suzuki Motoworld), the new Italian Champion and the 2005 European Champion. The same aim will motivate the Spanish SX Champion Rivas (Kawasaki Espana) and the Portoguese MX Champion, Duarte Venda (Kawasaki): both of them ready to fight for such an important victory. The last for the time but not the least one is Michael Hall (Husqvarna Factory), the unique non-european rider, who will try to make his American hymn sounds all the "Palais des deportes" in Marseille. It will be the debut at European level of the new class, SX Rookie, reserved for young European riders with 85cc. capacity bikes. This is the real news: the interest about this contest is growing up because of the importance of the supercross approach for the improvement of a rider skill, especially of young one. This new class can help Europe to build up its new generation of champions, by promoting supercross. Finally, we are going to begin the new season of European Supercross, where many protagonists are awaited to race for the final victory, the European title. It is not possible to make previsions or to foreseen who will be the man to beat, because there will be several top-riders, who wants to get the victory, not only for the money prize, but mainly to get the prestigious red numberplate of leader of the European Supercoss. We can just remember that everytime the show is assured in Marseille, because of the riders and of the fantastic public.