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Buffalo, NY: Dunlop's process of developing tires takes on many forms. Two key avenues include testing at the Dunlop Proving Grounds (DPG) in Huntsville, Alabama and during actual race competition.

Dunlop associate and test rider Clark Stiles recently put his Dunlop Geomax-equipped Kawasaki through its paces in racing conditions, competing at the 2011 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at the Loretta Lynn Ranch. At the weeklong event, Stiles earned outstanding results, winning two national championships plus the prestigious AMA Vet Rider of the Year award for his efforts. Dunlop congratulates Stiles on his accomplishments at the biggest amateur national competition of the year.

Stiles went up against stiff competition in both Junior 25 Plus and Vet 35 Plus classes, competing alongside an experienced field of riders, including several former professional racers. Coming close to completing a sweep of the championship motos, Stiles scored 1-2-1 moto finishes in the Junior 25 Plus Championship and went 1-1-2 in the Vet 35 Plus Championship, en route to capturing both titles. Acknowledging his stellar efforts, MX Sports awarded him the Vet Rider of the Year award.

"It was great to win two championships and I'm very honored to receive the Vet Rider of the Year award," said Stiles. "The level of competition was extremely high. I counted at least 10 riders competing that had previously held a top 100 national number on the AMA circuit, and a few were pro race winners. There was quite a bit of racing experience between us all.

"2010 was my first year racing Loretta's since 2002. Apart from changes to the venue and track, much about the event is still the same--it still attracts the best racers from across the country and is still a lot of fun! I like racing Loretta's because it keeps me in touch with the new era of racers. Bikes are so different now than they were in the days of two-strokes. It's not just about riding the track and testing tires though. It's more an opportunity for me to stay informed and relevant--check out how the kids are racing and what other riders are able to do on their bikes. I need to stay in touch so I can do my job to the fullest. Winning races isn't just good for me but also good for Dunlop."

Clark's experience as a top AMA professional racer for many years, and his recent exploits at amateur national competitions, furthers the development of Dunlop's next generation of off road tires.

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