Dubach Racing Development 2011 Honda CRF450R Exhaust

_____Dubach Racing Development News Release

Norco, CA. (October 5, 2010) - Dubach Racing Development is now in production on the 2011 CRF450 exhaust and for the 2011 owner, an aftermarket exhaust is virtually a foregone conclusion!

While we applaud Honda's direction, the stock exhaust, when sound tested, is drastically lower than current AMA standards
leaving 'power on the table by giving away dBs' and pushing racers into dealerships to bolt on DR.D performance. Beginner
riders to Professionals will instantly feel more bottom, mid, and explosive top-end power on the first ride with a DR.D exhaust.

While new part numbers were required for the exhaust, as mounting brackets on the 2011 are different than '09/10 CRF450F, it should be noted that that DR.D Graphic Kit and Radiator Lowering Kit part numbers remain unchanged as each fits prior
model year.

The 2011 CRF450 is available in Stainless Steel/Aluminum, Stainless Steel/Carbon Fiber, Titanium/Titanium;
Titanium/Carbon Fiber variations. In addition, new for 2011 is the offering by DR.D of a Slip-On system for selected models, including, but not limited 2011 Honda CRF450.

Part# / DR.D MX / RETAIL _

7247 / HONDA / CRF450 2011 Complete / $619.99
7253 / HONDA CRF450 2011 Slip-On / $409.99

7248 / HONDA CRF450 2011 SS/CF Complete / $719.99
7254 / HONDA CRF450 2011 SS/CF Slip-On / $549.99

7249 / HONDA CRF450 2011 TI/TI Complete / $869.99
7256 / HONDA CRF450 2011 TI/TI Slip-On / $669.99

7250 / HONDA CRF450 2011 TI/CF Complete / $919.95

7253 / HONDA CRF450 2011 SS/AL Slip-On / $409.99
7256 / HONDA CRF450 2011 TI/TI Slip-On / $669.99
7254 / HONDA CRF450 2011 SS/CF Slip-On / $549.99


  • All pipes are personally track tested by Doug Dubach, a 25-year Yamaha test rider.
  • Dubach has more experience and places greater effort with track testing than any other exhaust company.
  • Dubach racing career includes 4x Four-Stroke World Champion, 17x Vet Champion, 6x Loretta Lynn Champion and a Supercross Main Event win in San Jose, CA.