DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha - Mt. Morris Motocross

_____DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha - Mt. Morris Motocross Recap_

Mt. Morris, PA (June 12, 2010) - High Point Raceway hosted round three of the AMA MX National Series over weekend with a great track and cooperative weather. DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha riders, #20 Broc Tickle, #48 Max Anstie, #341 Nico Izzi, and #577 Martin Davalos were working on a good bit of confidence entering in after the previous race. In Saturday mornings timed qualifying, Tickle let his speed be known when he set the 2nd fastest lap time giving him second gate pick for the day.

Moto one crossed over the gate, and after lap one Anstie lead the team in 4th, however as he approached the finish line jump a section of slick soil caused him to shoot into the air in the completely wrong direction. Landing off the side of the track he was abruptly stopped by a chain link fence, very shaken this ended Anstie's moto. Meanwhile, in the action Davalos was 9th, and Izzi and Tickle suffered from a subpar starts in 17th and 20th. In the next four laps Davalos was able to hold on to the fast pace, bouncing back and forth between 8th - 11th, Izzi found himself settled in, which carried him to his teammate and the battle to be inside the top ten, Tickle however was picking up just where he left off moving right through the field. The later stages of the moto came, and it could be seen that teammates Tickle 9th, and Davalos 11th had charged all they could and needed to ride this one out. Izzi never gave in and plugged away through the duration to take 13th at the finish.

The all important second moto set out on the now treacherous track, and Davalos got out to a good start holding down 3rd, and on his rear wheel in 5th was Izzi who looked strong. The other FMF backed team leader after lap one sat far back, who was Tickle in 17th after getting tangled up, so he had some work to do. Still wanting to be the man, Tickle rose up and easily moved towards the top ten, on lap six he acquired 9th. Upfront Davalos and Izzi finally were having flashes of brilliance, with both riders holding 4th and 5th in a convincing fashion. With three laps to go the race intensified, Izzi hung it out only to falter just slightly with a small crash which caused a lose of a few spots, but as this all played out Davalos to encountered some issues dropping outside the top five. Tickle, the kid who never quits and is one of the few who can mount charges up to the front, continued moving in the right direction lap after lap. In the end, Tickle impressively netted 5th; Davalos secured 7th, and Izzi came away in 12th.

Update on Anstie: Max tried to race the second moto, but after a collision on lap one the soreness in his leg was better off being rested. At this time he is confident that he'll be racing Budds Creek this coming weekend.

Moto 1 Moto 2 = Overall Finish
Broc Tickle 9th 5th = 6th
Martin Davalos 11th 7th = 9th
Nico Izzi 13th 12th = 13th

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