Dirt Rider Manages Motocross!

To say that we here at Dirt Rider are a competitive bunch would be a complete understatement. Whether in an all-out battle at the motocross track or just some silly office challenge, we take things pretty seriously.

The latest battle for interoffice dominance involves the 2009 Fantasy Motocross League over at www.fantasyracer.com. This online series is like Fantasy Football or Baseball, but geared for the two-wheeled crowd. Basically, you sign online and create a team, which you then manage for an entire season as virtual team manager. After 12 rounds, the team with the most points is declared the winner and special prizes are awarded from ELF, AMP Research, SPY Optics, Monster Energy, Lost Energy and more.

So, why can't you just pick the top guys in each class? It's not that simple. As in the real world, you are given a virtual budget (in this case, $1,000,000) and must choose your racers carefully in order to earn maximum points. Consistency is important, as is raw talent and longevity (meaning that you need riders who will kick butt, take names and still be healthy at the end of the year).

An email was sent out around the office right before the Glen Helen round of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship, and in the end only six takers from Dirt Rider were up to the challenge of creating a team to contest the Fantasy Motocross circuit. I was first with the epic freestyle lineup of Chad Reed, Jason Thomas, Blake Wharton, Justin Barcia, Jason Lawrence and privateer (don't ask me how) Josh Grant on Team Triple Backflip. Next came Super Streetbike editor Dave Sonsky, who created the team BobKnobbies, followed by Jesse Ziegler's "Ziggy's" team. Sales guru Steve Gotoski chose Onmipotent MX to rage this series, while DR publisher Sean Finley pegged the Dirt Rider Spreadsheets for his top pick. Finally, test rider and big brother Scott Denison created team rad racing. Want to hear how intense the trash talking got before the race? Here's an awesome excerpt from Scott's pre-event press conference:

"Team Rad Racing rules all! For starters, our team name is cooler than Kenny Watson, our team manager once fought superman over a bet (the loser had to wear his underwear over his pants!) Our team trainer is Chuck Norris, our semi has spinner rims, our energy drink tastes better, our umbrella girls are playboy bunnies and our mechanics swing bigger, more awesome towels as our riders fly by!"

Whoa! That's fired up. Scooter's team may have had heart, but when the dust settled from round one it was Finley's Dirt Rider Spreadsheets taking highest honors for the Dirt Rider camp with a solid 13th overall in the total Fantasy MX points. I managed an unimpressive 57th (thanks to J-Law sitting out due to stomach problems and Jason Thomas not doing crap all weekend. What's up with Jasons?), but worse still were Jesse's team in 62nd and Steve and Dave in 66th and 69th, respectively. For all his trash talking, Scooter could only manage a 65th overall.

The series is young, and although the first round is over it's not to late to sign onto www.fantasyracer.com and sign up, or at least check out the battle. Stay tuned for more updates as the war continues!

Fantasy Motocross League, Mike Alessi
Fantasy Motocross League, Nick Wey