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I feel your pain. In fact I live your pain. The truth is that the staff of Dirt Rider has very little actual control over this web site. From our side of the fence it is like shoving a square post into a smaller round hole.

Why am I telling you this in a blog? Because it is the only way we can actually post content onto the site and have it go live without it going into a vortex and then being posted by people who know nothing about motorcycles, let alone dirt bikes. It really frustrates us and we want you to know that we know this. We are constantly fighting to get some additional control over this site and have stories, news, riding impressions and breaking news put up in a timely manner, with the quality and authority you have come to expect from us at Dirt Rider. Truthfully our company and the sub-division that runs the electronic side would like the same thing, but we do not see eye-to-eye on anything.

I would have much rather used this space (not this space really but rather the top story) to show you the radical new Husaberg and its crazy 70-degree inclined motor. Or to tell a story or two about our recent crazy weekend at the last round of the GNCC series. Heck, I could tell you what I really think about the delay of the all-new Suzuki RM-Z450's press introduction and why we are going to go on ahead with our 450 Shootout without it. But since all I can do is drop these little blogs, and fight the antiquated system it takes to post them, most of the time we'd rather not tackle the hassle. We prefer to concentrate on making a good magazine, which is pretty much a full-time gig on its own.

So sorry for this little rant but as the leader of our group at Dirt Rider I felt I owed you, the reader, an explanation on this site, because frankly, I'm sick of saying sorry for it. We'll try and keep some stuff coming and get it up here as best we can, maybe you'll have to train yourself to look in the blog section for the good stuff? Maybe you'll see some of the changes we've been promised, but until then we can only work within the tools we've been given.


Jimmy Lewis
Dirt Rider Magazine