Coaching, the Next Evolution of Motocross

Eagle, Idaho (May 28, 2009) As motocross evolves, as in most other professional sports-athletes will have coaches who guides them to enhance every aspect of their racing including technique, fitness and mental training. A coach is distinct from a trainer although training is one action a coach will do. Coaching involves a bigger context that includes all aspects of a racer's program and development.

MX COACH launches their new website introducing coaching to the motocross world.
The site, has detailed how the four fundamental disciplines

1) Mental Training and Development, 2) Motocross Technique, 3) Athletic Training and 4) Sports Nutrition

MX Coach has incorporated proven technology, such as the motocross technique gained through its certification with the renowned Gary Bailey Motocross Schools. Also its alliance with Elite Athletics World in building a specific motocross and Supercross Athletic Training program that was developed while training a Supercross champion and a motocross world champion.

What makes MX Coach distinctly coaching-and not training or instruction-is the obvious integration of the four disciplines. However, Joseph DeGano, the founder of MX Coach, states that the real distinction is the Mental Training & Development that permeates his entire program. MX Coach's slogan says it all: Head First in Motocross.

Joseph DeGano, founder of MX Coach has put twenty-eight years of study, research and development into the program designs and methods of MX Coach. He has created alliances with Gary Bailey Motocross Schools and Elite Athletics World to offer world-class training specifically for motocross covering the four vital areas to train and develop a motocross athlete.

What People are Saying

"Joe DeGano with MX Coach did not only make me a way better rider but he single handedly shaped my life in ways I didn't think possible. He finds something in us that we never thought was there, and pushes us past walls that we thought were too big to climb." _
- Brian Brandon, Former AMA Professional Motocross Racer, Kuna, Idaho
"I can really appreciate the MX Coach program. I've worked with trainers and they know a little bit about nutrition and I've worked with nutritionists that know nothing about riding technique and I've worked with technique coaches and I'm not sure if they knew any more about technique than I did. Joe DeGano covers the whole program!"_
- Cole Siebler, AMA Professional Motocross Racer, Emmett, Idaho
"Above all, Joe DeGano has worked with me mentally causing me to see the world in a new light. As a rider, when you reach the pro level everyone is talented. I believe the main difference between champions and just another fast rider is the mental aspect. I now look at the cause and not just the effects about racing and life."_
- Ben Evans, AMA Professional Motocross Racer, Boise, Idaho
"Joseph taught me that it took much more than riding my bike fast to be a Champion and a success. I learned all the aspects like nutrition, training, smart practice and the most important the mental game. To pick out one thing, I learned confidence in myself that I could do it, all I had to do is say it and do what's needed to do."_
- Craig Mason, 2008 AMA Supermoto Grand Vet Champion, Auburn, California

"Joe DeGano has the most inspirational and complete program I have ever experienced. It is so much more than fitness and riding technique coaching. It's an all-in-one program and he is more of a life coach than a motocross coach; simply because he will not stop at just motocross."
- Gus Walker, Professional Factory KTM Race Team Mechanic, Edgewood, New Mexico
"Some of the information Joe gave me I'd heard before. The difference was how he relayed it to me and showed me the meaning it could bring to me and my racing. Joe has opened my eyes to new ideas in the kitchen, the track, the gym and the park, you name it. He knows what he's talking about and has a way of enlightening you that makes all the difference."_
- Jacqueline Strong, WMA Professional Motocross Racer, Sedona, Arizona

_"It is really amazing to see the difference in my son Willie, not only in his abilities to ride but how much he now believes in himself. Before your class he had low self-esteem and hardly ever believed in himself. Since your class he uses positive and strong words like you taught him to do!"
_- Patty Fecteau, Mom of Amateur Motocross Racer, Hardwick, Vermont

MX Coach was founded in 2001 by Joseph DeGano and headquartered in Eagle, Idaho. DeGano is a certified Gary Bailey motocross technique instructor and coach of rookie sensation Ben Evans.