Bobbitt Wins Noble Woods National Enduro

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North Berwick, ME** - FMF/KTM rider Russell Bobbitt took the win at the Noble Woods National Enduro - the 9th round of the ten round AMA National Enduro Series.

This win helped Bobbitt close the gap on series leader Charles Mullins. With just one round left Bobbitt now sits just 17 points behind Mullins a deficit that was almost 30 points just two rounds ago. "I know it is a bit late to make my charge in the series points, but I feel great on my bike and have more confidence than I have had so far this season," commented the reigning Champion.

There was an issue with timing during the first test of the race where half the racers showed up on time and the other half were late due to confusion on the start time which caused officials to drop the first test. On the second test, Bobbitt claimed he struggled with the dust and rocks and had a couple tip over's but still managed to finish with the second fastest time.

Bobbitt remained consistently strong throughout all tests. "My worst test was probably the fourth test of the race because I hit a stump and cart-wheeled myself over the bars but luckily landed in a soft spot and was able to regroup. Despite my crash, I still finished with the third fastest time on that stage and stayed in the running for the overall," remarked Bobbitt.

The 5th and 6th tests were where the race was won for Bobbitt. He won both tests by large margins and was able to finish with a 33 second lead over 2nd place finisher Mike Lafferty. "It feels good to finally get back on the top of the podium. I have been working really hard on increasing my speed this season and I finally feel like I am at the level I need to be to win the races," stated Bobbitt.

Also turning in good rides were FMF/KTM GNCC stars Nate Kanney and Cory Buttrick who finished 4th and 6th respectively. "This race is close to my hometown so I thought I would come out and give it a try," commented New York native, Kanney. "I would have liked to finish on the podium - but I had a lot of fun just being out here and competing with these guys."

Next Event: Matthews, IN - October 2, 2010

**Race Results - **

  1. Russell Bobbitt - KTM
  2. Mike Lafferty
  3. Nick Fahringer
  4. Nate Kanney - KTM
  5. Charles Mullins
  6. **Cory Buttrick - KTM **
  7. **Andrew Delong - KTM **
  8. **Pat Timothy - KTM **
  9. Shane Hufford - KTM
  10. Jim Senecal

**Overall Points - **

  1. Charles Mullins - 214
  2. **Russell Bobbitt - 197 **
  3. Mike Lafferty - 189
  4. **Cory Buttrick - 184 **
  5. Nick Fahringer - 161
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