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Santa Clarita, CA - July 14th 2011 - AXO America and 211 MX School by Stefy Bau joined forces in a strong program that will see the two entities work closely to promote a grass root project to benefit the inspiring motocross athletes worldwide.
The first step is to promote the AXO Brand and products throughout all the activities that 211 MX School is involved with, from the coaching camps held worldwide to the outreach programs. 211 MX Students will get the chance to enter the AXO America Team program which will grant promotional offers on all product featured by the premier Italian brand.

Stefy Bau, owner and instructor of 211 MX SCHOOL: "I'm extremely excited about this collaboration and I can't wait to see all the opportunities we will be able to create with this program. AXO is a very important brand in motocross and we are proud to be associated with such company! We will do our best to increase their brand awareness while creating opportunities for our athletes. I used to wear AXO gear when I was racing in Italy as a teenager and I'm happy to re-establish the relationship!"

Alessandra Zago, president of AXO America: " Stefy brings a curriculum that leaves little doubt to her ability to train and coach athletes. Her 211 MX School program is promising and we are excited to be associated with it and to be able to reach out to the beginners and expert riders that will join the camps and various activities. We strongly believe in growing our brand from grass root projects and this particular one seemed a perfect fit for our brand in the US and worldwide". Stay tuned for more exciting news coming out of this powerful relationship in the upcoming months.

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About 211 MX SCHOOL

211 MX School is owned and operated by Stefy Bau and Julie Keates. Stefy Bau is a former 14 times (Italian, US and World) motocross champion and after a career ending injury in 2005, she decided to share her knowledge and help riders to become better athletes. 211 MX School focuses in training women riders, men and kids by using their inspirational technique. 211 MX School was featured in the TV show "RedBull Moto Chix", the first motocross school to have a TV show and was also highlighted on CNN. 211 MX School strives to engage everyone in the sport of motocross world wide (211 Outreach). Schools are held in Florida or globally upon request.

About AXO America, Inc.

Our Mission
To develop, manufacture and distribute apparel, footwear and accessories for motorsport and cycle riding, for every level of riding skills: from beginner to champion. To help riders achieve and go beyond their limits in sports, thus better defining who they are as persons and enrich their lives and well being through the activity of those sports.

Our Vision
To become a Worldwide leading brand in the motorsport and cycle riding accessories market through empowering the AXO brand and through acquisition of authoritative and complementary brands.

Our Values
Financial wisdom: financials are the indicator of our current activity, the mirror of our past activity and the premises to our future.

People: shareholders, employees, business partners, stakeholders and athletes associated with AXO are one team, leading our company. They all benefit from the enthusiasm of working for AXO and simultaneously they are the ones bringing enthusiasm into the company.

Sport: sport is not just our business: it is part of our lives helping us actively understand our business and increasing our well being.

Innovation: innovation is to be developed in every aspect of our business: products, services and all of our activities.

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