August 2011 Newsletter

_National Off-Highway Vehicle News Release

_** OHV Industry Flies a New Flag, "Remember the Lead Law!"**_
_by Dave Halsey,_ NOHVCC Contributing Writer One minute you're riding along on your ATV. The next thing you know, the engine seizes, the transmission explodes and the wheels fall off. That's what the lead law debacle felt like. On August 12th, President Obama signed a law into effect that exempts youth ATVs and dirt bikes from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, better known as "the lead law." The exemption was good news. But it felt like the entire OHV industry had just been released from a 30-month prison sentence. Let's not forget: dealers closed their doors, people lost their jobs, sales of youth protective gear, parts and accessories were virtually nonexistent, and the industry lost billions in retail economic value more

ATV, Snowmobile, and Sled Dog Clubs Work Together to Save Trails...And Money**_
_by Dave Halsey_, NOHVCC Contributing Writer What happens when members of motorized and non-motorized clubs get together for a meeting?
a) bickering b) complaining c) finger pointing d) sharing information, cooperating on trail issues and saving money. In Itasca County, Minnesota, the answer is d. The Itasca County Snowmobile Alliance is made up of 11 snowmobile clubs, 5 ATV clubs and the Voyageurs Sled Dog Classic Race organization. Established over 30 years ago, the Alliance was originally set up to to help local snowmobile clubs band together to build and maintain trails. Today, it's doing that and more for sled owners, OHV riders and mushers in northern Minnesota, working closely with the state, county, communities and landowners, including the Blandin Paper Company that owns large tracts of forest more

No Shhhh! It's An OHV Library _
_by Dave Halsey
, NOHVCC Contributing Writer If you need tax information, go to If you need postal information, go to If you need OHV information, go to The Library, Rider Resources and many other "Tools" on the NOHVCC web site make up the single, most comprehensive source of OHV-related information on the planet. Want to read that new study you heard about on the health benefits of OHV riding? It's there. Need an example of a city ordinance that allows OHVs on city streets to bring to your next city council meeting? There are a bunch of those. Looking for scientific studies regarding OHVs and wildlife? Take your pick, there are 173 of them. "We want to let people know that these resources exist," said Karen Umphress, NOHVCC Project Coordinator. "The economic impact studies is a good page, as well as the section on health and OHVs as this is a newer study area. The library is continually expanding in content and in the number of available pages." more

Musselshell Trail Is 2011 CRT Award Recipient
by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer Debi Bradley is president of the Lewis Clark ATV Club in Lewiston, Idaho. A few months ago, she started collecting pictures and information from club members, telling them they were needed to document trail maintenance and expenses. What she didn't tell them was that the materials were also being used to enter the annual Achievement Awards program of the Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT). When Bradley was notified that the club had won a 2011 CRT award, she had to fess up. "I waited till I got the official email and 3 days later we had a club meeting. I told them and they were ecstatic," said Bradley. "It's very good recognition. Right now ATVs are getting a bad name out there. We want to let the public know that we are good people, we do public service, and we maintain the trails they enjoy. One of the trails is also for hiking, and we maintain it for everybody's recreation."... read more

Minnesota State Park Adds Horsepower To Nature Programs
by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer Amy Funk is an Interpretive Naturalist with the Minnesota DNR, working at Tettegouche State Park near Silver Bay, Minnesota. Throughout the year, she holds regular outdoor programs, introducing children and adults to kayaking, canoeing, climbing, snowshoeing and archery. Last October, she added to that list an interpretive ATV trail ride. It was the first such program ever held in a Minnesota state park, and a huge success. "It's a new program for us, offering motorized programs on state trails," said Funk. "Everyone was from all different corners of the state, which surprised me. It was so neat to talk to these folks and hear their curiosities about the park and the novelty of an interpretive ride.".... read more

Looking Forward
We are less than a month from the NOHVCC and INOHVCC joint conferences and that time will fly faster than you can say, "Bob's your uncle". The registration packet with a draft agenda and all of the instructions you need is available on the Annual Conference webpage. We need to get the counts in to our caterer, make sure we have enough machines for people who need them for the pre-conference rides, and gather all of the materials and handouts together. But to do this, we need accurate counts of who is attending.... read more