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Atlas Brace Technologies brings safety, innovation, comfort, and design all into one neck brace. The Atlas Brace design features a dual chest and back support, which distributes the force of an impact onto a larger surface area, while at the same time transferring the pressure off of the sternum and spine area. Suspension was also designed into the front chest supports to absorb impact and prevent possible injuries. To provide extreme rider comfort, the Atlas Brace features 3-Axis adjustability and an open-ended rear design, which allows the brace to flex and follow body movements, instead of restricting them. To find more info on the Atlas Brace please visit: /
The Atlas Brace comes in 3 adjustable sizes and 7 colors.**

Atlas Brace Technologies is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of its new Atlas Neck Brace. After 3 years of development, refinements, and testing by some of the top riders in the world, Atlas Brace Technologies will release its revolutionary Neck Brace worldwide this December.

For More Info:
USA, Atlas Brace Technologies, LLC. 661 505 4407
Canada, Atlas Brace Technologies, Inc. 604 542 5661

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