AmPro Yamaha Race Report - OMA Round 8 - Erie, IL

_Whibley Takes the Win and Wraps Up His 4th OMA Championship!
Paul Whibley
Jordan Ashburn
Photo By: Mark Kariya.

Race Report:

As the riders sat on the line waiting for the flag, the clouds opened up and the rain came down. The newly laid course in the small Illinois town actually took the water well and aside from being a little slick, conditions were near perfect!

AmPro Yamaha's Paul Whibley and Obermeyer / AmPro Yamaha's Jordan Ashburn fired off the line side by side, charging into the first corner. Whibley kept the throttle on just a bit longer, inching Ashburn out of the FMF Holeshot and leading the pack into the first section of woods. From there, an all-out battle began, as the top five riders continued to swapped positions throughout the first half of the race. It wasn't until the first gas stop that Whibley and Ashburn started gapping the field. After that, both riders put their heads down and charged their way to the finish, Whibley securing first place and Ashburn locking in second.
"This was a fun race," says Whibley. "The rain made for a bit of a challenge but the dirt was mostly sand so it soaked up the moisture. The first half of the race was pretty intense, I fought back and forth with Jordan and Jimmy and all of us were pushing it. This win really means a lot to me, especially having it secure my 4th OMA Championship. I'd like to thank my wife Katherine, my mechanic Scotty, and the entire AmPro team, as well as all of my great sponsors for making this possible. I put in a lot of hard work this season and I have a great team behind me."_

"I had a blast today," says Ashburn. "I love the mud and the track was perfect. It was fun to go out there and battle for a good portion of the race. Usually, by the third or fourth lap the field is gapped a little bit but not here, all of us were going back and forth. I'd like to thank Keith at Obermeyer and Randy with AmPro Yamaha. The bike worked awesome and it feels great to be back up on the podium."