AmPro Yamaha Race Report

OMA National Series - ROUND 3

Paul Whibley 1st Place

This weekend AmPro Yamaha's Paul Whibley made the 16 hour trek to the small town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. The beginning of the race course was staged inside the city limits and quickly tapered off into the tight Arkansas forest. The weather conditions were nearly perfect as the riders took their places on the starting line. Whibley set up shop right between KTM's Russell Bobbitt and Husaberg's Nick Fahringer and waited patiently for the start of the race. When the flag dropped, the riders launched into the first corner side by side. Bobbitt got the jump and managed to take the inside line, forcing Whibley to the outside and causing and unfortunate collision with Fahringer.

Nick managed to keep the bike up but Paul wasn't so lucky. After dusting himself off and performing a quick damage assessment, Paul remounted his twisted up Yamaha YZ450F and headed back out on the course in dead last. With bent bars and large time deficit, Whibley did his best to put his head down and stay positive. By the end of the first lap, he had already worked his way back into third place right behind Fahringer. As the two entered the second lap Whibley made his move, easily getting around Nick and setting his sights on Russell Bobbitt. By the end of the third lap, Whibley made up another 30 seconds on Russell and the two engaged in a battle that would go all the way to the finish. On the last lap Bobbitt picked a bad line through one of the many deteriorating mud sections allowing Paul to get by and take the overall win for the day!

"Today was a fight all the way to the finish," says Paul. "Crashing in the first corner was definitely not the best way start out the day. My bars were twisted up pretty bad and my radiators were smashed but somehow not leaking. The UniBiker guards definitely did their job keeping them together. Both Nick and Russell put in a great ride today and I had a lot of fun racing with them. In the end, I was lucky enough to get out front and take the win."

1st: Paul Whibley
2nd: Russell Bobbitt
3rd: Nick Fahringer

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