AFMXA Open House To Unveil Pala Raceway FMX Training Facility - June 19th

Legendary Raceway will host first West Coast FMX training center and summer camps - AFMXA Amateur Series to visit five cities throughout 2010

Irvine, CA (May 24, 2010) -- AFMXA, the organization aimed at promoting and protecting the sport of freestyle motocross, is set to officially celebrate its state-of-the-art training center at Pala Raceway in Pala, Calif. and a five-city amateur series that will open the sport to participants and fans throughout the country.

The introduction of the AFMXA's training facility at Pala Raceway will be open to the public on Friday, June 18, and feature free food, music and jump demos from a host of freestyle moto riders. Designed by freestyle motocross legend and Metal Mulisha founder, Brian Deegan, the training facility includes a jump park, foam pit, wall ride and ramp-to-dirt jumps.

The event will also announce a number of amateur freestyle moto camps that will take place at the facility starting in July and continue throughout the year. All AFMXA members will be in attendance at the Pala Raceway unveil event, including Mike Metzger, Nate Adams, Ronnie Faisst and** Jeremy Stenberg**. Additional attendees include corporate sponsors from Pala Raceway and members of the Pala tribe.

"We are delighted to welcome freestyle moto riders and fans to this awesome facility," said Leah Steiger, Executive Director, AFMXA. "The guys at Pala, Ryan Oullette and Kirk Chandler, have always shared our vision and supported us all the way, so this was a natural fit when we started talking about the jump park and amateur camps. They see the bigger picture and understand that, collectively, we can make a difference in this sport."

"Pala Raceway is committed to building a safe and fun riding environment for all disciplines of motocross riding," said Ryan Ouellette, President of Pala Raceway. "Part of motocross is the element of Freestyle Motocross and these FMX riders are going to try these tricks one way or the other. It's better to have it in a controlled environment at Pala Raceway with the help of AFMXA's safety standards, their trained instructors, and with on-site emergency medical technicians in place to help make these tricks safer and help build the next generation of the sport."

The AFMXA Jump Park will include several ramp to dirt jumps, ranging from 55 feet to 120 feet, a foam pit, wall ride, and other features that will be added as the park matures. The AFMXA will also be hosting Moto Camps where amateur freestyle riders can come and ride the same ramps that the AFMXA Riders train on for their contests.

The AFMXA is also proud to reveal dates and locations of its** first-ever nationwide Amateur Series***, a travelling showcase designed to spread freestyle moto around the country and encourage participants to support the sport through the AFMXA. Kicking off Memorial Day Weekend in Houston, the AFMXA Amateur Series will make a total of 4 stops across the country before concluding with the AFMXA Nationals at Pala Raceway in November.

According to Freestyle Moto X Games gold medalist and AFMXA member Chuck Carothers, the AFMXA Amateur Series is an ideal opportunity to help grow the sport of freestyle motocross and gain further awareness for the needs of new riders.

"With this competition series, we want to help the up-and-coming riders and make sure that freestyle motocross will be around for a very long time," said Carothers. "What better way to do this than partner with the AFMXA and be a part of the first-ever amateur Moto X series."

Upcoming 2010 AFMXA event schedule_

Friday, June 18
AFMXA Jump Park & Camps - Grand Opening
Pala, California
Pala Raceway
Amateur Series* (4 stops and Nationals)
**May 29-30 Houston, Texas

3 Palms Track
Producer of event - Chuck Carothers (X Games Gold Medalist, FMX)

August 7
Southern California
Producer of event - AFMXA

August 28
Dodd City, Texas
Pinn-IT Bash
Producer of event - Clint Esposito - FMX East

September 4
Casey, Illinois
Lincoln Trail
Producer of event - Clint Esposito - FMX East

November 14
Pala, California
AFMXA Nationals / FMX Awards Show
Producer of event - AFMXA

*Series details: Open to amateur/pro-am riders. Sign up online at or go to AFMXA information available at all tour stops.

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_About the AFMXA
Founded in 2009, the AFMXA is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of America's Freestyle Motocross industry. A collective of professional, recreational, and corporate members, the AFMXA was launched to assist in more formally organizing the sport and continue supporting its growth and exposure. Further information about our mission, events, membership and partners can be found online at